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Two shot to death on Mozart Street in Jamaica Plain

Boston Police Commissioner William Gross at the scene

Police Commissioner Gross and DA Rollins talk to reporters at scene. Photo by Stilluminati.

Two men were shot, one in the head, on Mozart Street at Bolster Street in Jamaica Plain, around 9:55 p.m.

Boston Police report one man, found on Mozart Street, was declared dead . A second man, found on Bolster Street, was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Both victims were in their late 20s or early 30s, police say.




I think this makes three murders in as many days - going to be a long summer.

Our BPD know who many of these shooters are - but sadly they are frequently returned to the streets after illegal gun possession charges by judges with agendas.

On a side note - this is the scene of a double murder, would it kill Rollins to change out of the gym attire before jumping in front of the cameras? Christ, she is the District Attorney. I realize she doesn't want to waste time prosecuting "low-level" crimes but she could take time to look the part for something as serious as a double murder. Take a page from Commissioner Gross - a true professional.

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4 homicides by firearm In 4 days

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Considering she was probably called out last night while she was already "off duty" would it have been better that she spent 30 minutes taking a shower, putting on work clothes and doing hair and make-up and then arrived later than all the other officials?

I appreciate the fact that she apparently jumped in the car and drove over.

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This type of thing is part of her job, and being ready to show up in a professional manner is as well. Shootings don't always happen during "regular business huurs". Stretch pants, vest and a baseball hat is unacceptable. Don't get ready, be ready. Again, take a look at Commissioner - a true pro.

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Maybe she was at a gym when she got the news and rushed right over, but I don't really care what she was wearing - any more than I wonder why the commissioner felt it important to take the time to put on his fancy suit and hat. The key thing is that she showed up.

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I agree Hugo.
Roztonian, your side note is petty.

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just recommending that our elected officials treat their roles (and constituents) with respect. If your attorney showed up to your court case in this outfit would you feel the same?

Bottom line, it's a 24-7 job - be ready for it.

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I don't recall this level of criticism of what Gross's predecessor wore to murder scenes. And Rollins can get into church clothes if she has time.

Look, if you don't like her, that's fine, but attacking her because she rushed to a double murder from wherever she was seems kind of a flimsy excuse for your deeper dislike.

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We have the highest incarceration rate in the world. So the "agenda" of our justice system is the exact opposite of what you just described.

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Honestly who really gives a shit about what she's wearing?!? Two young men just lost their lives leaving two families in pain and all you people care about is this womans wardrobe? Shfh! Wtf is this world coming to?

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