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Rhode Island man tries but fails to hold up a South End check-cashing place, has better luck at a Starbucks, at least until he's arrested, police say

Boston Police report arresting a man they say tried to hold up the PL$ check-cashing place at Tremont Street and Mass. Ave. at 7:23 a.m. today, only he got nothing, so he mosied down the street to the Starbucks at Tremont and West Canton, from which he successfully emerged with cash at 7:56 a.m. - only to get himself arrested 21 minutes later and several blocks away at Washington and West Concord, because he couldn't keep his gun in his pants and somebody called 911 to report a guy with a gun.

After a witness from PL$ IDed him, Brandon Goss, 22, was charged with attempted armed robbery, police say. Police then connected him to the Starbucks incident and so also charged him with armed robbery. Police identified him only as a Rhode Island man,

Innocent, etc.


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The new Florida Man?

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And time reduced if he takes both shots and watches videos... thats the silver lining...

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