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Fight dogs rescued, alleged trainer arrested at Fields Corner house where man was shot, police say

Boston Police report officers with a search warrant teamed up with the MSPCA yesterday to rescue five "endangered" pit bulls from 5 Toledo Terrace - where a man was shot on Wednesday.

Police say that in addition to the dogs, police found "equipment used for training dogs for fighting," along with other items "used in the training and breeding of dogs for the purposes of dog fighting."

Also seized: "A significant amount of marijuana," marijuana packaging labels and a high-capacity gun magazine.

Javier Ruperto, 42, was charged with operating an illegal kennel, tethering and confinement of animals, animal cruelty, training and possession of animals, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and assault and battery on a police officer, police say.

Ruperto was arrested on similar fighting-dog charges in 2014.

Innocent, etc.


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Always glad when participants in dogfighting get busted. Such utter scum.

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I’m all for criminal justice reform, but people who abuse animals need severe punishment and long parole periods to keep them from reoffending. Animal abuse is frequently the tip of the iceberg for even worse criminality and violence.

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Boston has more police forces than dogs have breeds.

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There is no MSPCA police.

Reading is fundamental.

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The MSPCA certainly does have on-staff ACOs and a full law enforcement department. As does ARL and the City of Boston as well.

That said this was a collaboration between the BPD - whom upon discovery of possibly dangerous animals - deferred to the MSPCA ACOs to collect and transport the animals that were found.

Regular police have neither the training or the equipment to contain or transport animals. Such collaboration happens anytime animals are involved with possible criminal activities.

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They are sworn police officers with police powers carry firearms and make arrests so they are the police.

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It's gonna be tough for these dogs. Thankfully, there are a lot of good people in this world who will help them. "Look for the helpers".

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He was charged with “Training and possession of animals.”

Howzat again????

OK Kid, I saw your dog do “shake hands” on command for a cookie. You obviously trained him. Off to the slammer you go.

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He doesn't own the property so what about landlords involvement? Same landlords from last time he was arrested .
The worst part of all of the owner investor la beliefs is they rent to do many lowlifes.

Anything and anybody for a buck.

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