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Police say man expressed his impatience with a Red Line train not leaving the station by punching a T worker in the face

Wanted for attacking MBTA worker at JFK/UMass

Transit Police have released photos of a man they say grew angry that Braintree train wasn't leaving JFK/UMass when he wanted it to, so he punched an MBTA worker in the face, around 1:10 a.m. on Oct. 17.

If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-222-1050 or send an anonymous text to 873873.

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Hey Buddy, we all want the train to leave when we want, but no need to go punch a T worker. They are just doing their job, they have little control over this.


But FWIW.. that last train is painful to be on (on any line). They stop & wait at each station for bus connections. You just sit there.. and wait. Sometimes a ~10 min ride on the subway during the day can turn into an hour trek if some buses are delayed getting to a station.

But hey, its cheaper than uber at that hour.

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Yeah but think of how happy the people on that bus are! We've all got to be on both ends sometime.

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White guy, hoodie, no mask, I would assume he's violent.

He fits the description of every pissed off loser I've ever seen on the T.

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Besides charging him with assault can they charge him for not wearing a mask and fine him 300 dollars?

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Not defending this behavior at all; this was a violent crime and it's never acceptable.

However, I do think the T could lower the temperature a little bit by just using the PA to tell passengers that the train is waiting and why. I have never understood why they're so secretive with that information. It's really frustrating and seems mostly avoidable.

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Most T operators are sorely lacking in PA skills. They always seem either microphone shy and mumble incoherently, or resentful about having to speak at all and race through the announcement. And without exception they click off mid-sentence before the announcement is finished. This combined with very fuzzy sound and often heavy accents make the whole thing come out garbled. Very little information is imparted. On the opposite side you've got the drivers who think they are DJs and won't shut up, like a certain female Blue Line operator. But these types are so busy spouting pleasantries that they seldom talk about actual T issues. I have said it before, but the T should invest in PA training for their staff.

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If they find him, can they ask where he found an mbta worker at this hour?

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Seriously, what part of "keep your hands to yourself" do these guys not understand? Why assault the employees who can't do anything about it? You should, instead, be voting out politicians who refuse to fund or even acknowledge the issues with the T.

Too bad Michelle Wu is only running for mayor and not governor...

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