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Man stabbed in Downtown Crossing

Police found the victim, stabbed in the back and shoulder, at Winter and Tremont streets around 9:30 p.m., although he was stabbed on Bromfield Street, midway between Washington and Tremont streets.


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Why is an expensive residence in Downtown Crossing purchased to live in? I don't get it. What is the attraction?

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But if you have the money, it’s not a hardship for everyone.
There are ways to live inexpensively in downtown, too.
The traffic and resulting noise and pollution are killer and a major drawback for all. But there are many agreeable things about living downtown. Convenience and accessibility to all sorts of things. The harbor and Common are near. Downtown Boston is just small enough that escape from the crowds is just a short walk, bike ride or T stop away. Now that we have a mayor not intent on selling out the city like our last one, downtown could become even better.

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I've always wanted to live on an upper floor at Tremont On The Common facing the Common. Killer views up there. Madonna seemed to like it as well.

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… medieval times in England and saw this incident in my head happening centuries ago in London. Bromfield of late has that desperate feel especially after dark.
I hope the stabbed man recovers and the stabber caught.

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