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Pair of alleged droogs rob sleeping homeless man at Downtown Crossing, and when passerby tries to intercede, they stomp him, police say

Wanted for robbery and assault and battery

Surveillance photo by TPD.

Surveillance photo of attack

Transit Police report they are looking for two men they say robbed one man and stomped a second in the Downtown Crossing station concourse around 11:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Police say they two were robbing a sleeping homeless man when a T rider told them to stop.

The duo responded by violently setting upon the concerned citizen punching and kicking him about his head and body. The victim was transported to a local area hospital for emergency treatment.

If they look familiar, contact detectives at 617-222-1050 or send an anonymous text to 873873.


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This is why a lot of people quietly video rather than intercede.

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Hell I'm even afraid to quietly video!

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Is this what you'll say if you get assaulted on the T and no one comes to your aid?

People should be stepping in to help... unless there is a weapon involved you don't just standby and video as someone who can't defend themselves gets assaulted - it's not right.

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You didn't read the story.

And your story is rather speculative to say the least. I've worked as a lifeguard. I don't expect or demand that anyone risk their life for me - and if they get video that is called bearing witness, and that is evidence that can put these jerks away.

You seem to have savior fantasies - like so many parents who believe that nothing bad can happen to their kids when they are around. Stow your cape and know your limits. Doing what you reasonably can or even not taking risks but doing something is what is important.

Did you know that cops aren't even required to get involved? I bet you didn't know that.

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If your worldview is such that a cop is doing their job by standing there and allowing a defenseless homeless person to get assaulted then you have issues...

You don't need to get physically involved to stop or intervene in an assault. You can yell 'Stop' or 'Fire', you can notify an agent if one is around.... your idea of helping however is to use your phone to standby idly and videotape the assault when you could be calling 911 in the least.

Poorly parented children will standby and video bullies assaulting other children - while your intentions may differ, your solution is not much different.

BTW - if you said something you thought was important about you being a lifeguard, I didn't read it... it started to bore me after the first few words.

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What shoes do you wear? I'm curious, because the leap from "don't jump in and physically intervene" to "don't do a damn thing but shoot video" is Olympic caliber.

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This is clearly about YOU and your purported superior moral specialness amok good sense - not about "doing what is useful" in any actual, real situation. And typing about it on the internet. (yelling STOP or FIRE? lolololol '80s mom!)

Do you even know what the first thing you are supposed to do if someone is having a heart attack?

Hint: it isn't start CPR

You likely overrate your ability to intervene - like, massively overrate it. Stop engaging in hero opportunity fantasies - start learning what the best ways to help actually are. Get training or STFU.

As for me? I once grabbed a drunk guy who was slapping his gf in the Kenmore concourse and pinned him to the fucking wall with my elbow to his neck ... in heels. I'm not anti-intervention, but I'm also not 19 years old anymore. Lifeguards are trained in realistic assessment of their ability to intervene in real situations - not moral theorizing on the internet.

You would probably have scolded the girl who videoed George Floyd's lynching for not pulling the cop off of him, dear, even though that video made a world of difference in convicting his murderer.

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You don't do CPR on someone having a heart attack? What do you do, then?

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You don't do CPR *first*. First you call 911 (or even better, direct someone specific to make the call) and *then* you start CPR.

Very first thing they teach you in CPR training and they make you demonstrate it as part of the skills assessment before you can be certified..

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I'm sure there are pills for 'post-menopausal angry Boomer' syndrome: you should do yourself a favor and look into it.

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You're extremely toxic. I'm sure there are pills for that too.

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She knows where my DMs are.

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Look up "shod foot."

Where's Kyle Rittenhouse when you need him?

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MBTA police and undercover detectives would have plenty of work if there were more of them at Downtown, Forest Hills, Mass Ave., South Station. North Station, hell...ANYWHERE!!

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This is the season for beatings, stabbings and mugging on our safe subway system. Thank you for riding the MBTA.

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