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Teen points loaded gun at cops and curses them out, runs away, found hiding under a car, police say

Boston Police report arresting a 17-year-old they say pointed a gun loaded with five rounds Tuesday night.

Police say officers were on Olney Street, near Geneva Avenue, around 11:40 p.m., looking for a runaway teen when:

Officers' attention was drawn to two individuals who appeared to crouch and run to avoid being seen by officers. It should be noted that officers were dressed in full Boston Police uniform and had exited a fully marked Boston Police cruiser. Officers went to the rear of the above location, and encountered the juvenile male standing with a firearm pointed directly at them from a distance of approximately 10-20 yards away. Officers additionally noted that the juvenile male stated, "What's up, [expletive]" while pointing the firearm at officers. Officers immediately drew their department-issued firearms, took cover, and began to give the male commands to drop the firearm.

The teen, too young to have his name released, ran away and disappeared from the officers' sight. But then officers spotted a "discarded shoe" next to a car. They looked under the car and saw the kid, got him out and found the loaded gun in his waistband, police say

He was charged as delinquent for assault with a dangerous weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition, police say.

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they should have blown this asshole away. i understand the bodycams and why they are needed. i think they help more than they hurt which is a good thing. the bad thing is that it makes good cops question every move they make and that hesitation is going to get a good cop killed eventually. if you stand 30 feet away from two uniformed cops with a gun in your hand and say "What's up, [expletive]" you deserve whatever you get.


You’re an enemy of both free expression & the Second Amendment, Mr Troll. The kid was just expressing himself, according to the Right, after all.

What a troll is. You might not agree with what the OP posted, but I don’t see anything troll worthy. Cnmgirl is the biggest offender. Calling people trolls then literally doing troll 101 stuff


It is a subjective definition. Calling someone a troll is not part of the usual definition

You’ve lost all credibility a long time ago.

You’re trying to spin this and just keep digging deeper.

did you put commenter on your resume?


I don't have any posts at Uhub. only comments. How does credibility apply here?

I see you went back and changed your "creditability" to "credibility," thus increasing your own credibility - at least in your mind.

I didn’t edit my posts so no idea what you’re talking about. Maybe you’re off by on indentation?

I read your original comment carefully, to see what cinnamngrl was talking about, and you definitely wrote "creditability." Now you're lying about changing it. Bad show, buddy.

I tried to find a posting history, but doesn’t look like one exists on this site, unfortunately. Alas, we’ll never know.


Are actually quite helpful in my wish for DA nullification in these situations.

Since guns exist, and criminals don't observe laws, the only solution to the gun problem is this: If you get killed while in possession of a gun, you shouldn't have your death criminally investigated by the state. You're on tape pointing a loaded gun at somebody, case closed, see you never, because there's zero reason to do that ever.

Up to your family to seek justice from a civil jury. Good luck getting your peers to hand you a nickel for your idiot son getting shot dead because he pointed first and somehow didn't fire. I can tell you for the record that if I'm ever on that jury, I'll nullify you too.

I don't love everything that cops do, but if you can get a gun (expletive) on tape with the gun pointed in your general direction, by all means, dump 'em to the bottom of the sea before some ole' fool come around here, wanna shoot either you or me.

Gun ownership is a right. So is refusing a work task, and subsequently getting fired or quitting. A shame that how we conduct ourselves is completely absent of any subtlety whatsoever, and has come down to how we interpret our laws.


Everyone has the right to defend themselves. You don't pull your gun out just when you see one pointing at you.....lots of intangibles there..


they should have blown this asshole away

Maybe you're not a troll, but you are an idiot. None of the crimes the kid committed carry a death sentence, in this or any other part of the US. You, however, want to give cops the authority act as judge, jury, and executioner. This is not an authority that our society has seen fit to bestow on the police, and there are very good reasons for that. Maybe it's you who doesn't belong in our society.


Do I want that? Hell no.

Do I want gun carriers who happen to also be cops, and who ostensibly represent good citizens, to win gunfights (which is what this was) against imbeciles who carry guns who would be so stupid to aim one at a person (cop or otherwise) without pulling the trigger? Absolutely. Do I want for gunfights to be a thing in the first place? Also hell no.

Maybe one of the cops in this scenario is a Derek Chauvin, and maybe that's what the gun (expletive) civilian was aiming at, but we won't learn that today, because the gun (expletive) civilian didn't fire when he had a look.

I wasn't talking to you; I was responding to bstnkid's comment, but OK.

...who ostensibly represent good citizens, to win gunfights (which is what this was)...

Well, no, it wasn't. Gunfights pretty much always involve shooting. Maybe there's an exception for where people hit each other with guns. Maybe. I don't know what point you're trying to make by namedropping Derek Chauvin, but it's pretty obscure.

Derek Chauvin made a sport of abusing civilians, enabled by a city who gave him 17 strikes until he finally snuffed a guy for the absolute nonsense reason of passing a fake $20.

I don't know any of the principals in this story. I don't endeavor to suggest that any of the cops here were or are bad actors, but there's also a reason that this young man saw fit to cuss at them, and saw fit to brandish a killing tool in their presence.

Maybe he felt like his only recourse against cops is to try to kill one, because they seldom get held accountable.

Maybe he felt like his only recourse against cops is to try to kill one...

Except he didn't do that, so your hypothetical mind-reading is specious. Pointing a gun without pulling the trigger is not attempted murder. Nobody tried to kill anybody, and that's the good news.

But it sure as (expletive) is a death wish. And for a man of 17, that's a sad failure of the world around him.

they should have blown this asshole away.

Yeah, no. He's a kid. A delinquent, stupid kid, but still just a kid. Killing him would fuck up the cop who shot him forever. The fact that the cops DIDN'T shoot and didn't get shot themselves (and eventually nabbed the kid) tells me that they totally did the right thing.


To get banned from Uhub? Is “this person should’ve been shot” good enough or is that kosher?

The fault of the UHub commentariat?

They act. We react.

But Adam approves every registered user, approves every anonymous comment, so what registered users are allowed to say and what anon comments get published reflect on Uhub. Uhub is a uniquely cool and independent local news source… but how much of that do you compromise by letting some jackass lead your comment section with “the cops should’ve blown this kid away?” Another thing about Uhub is that it’s Adam’s playground, he’ll decide who is and isn’t welcome and my opinion matters little.

Approve every anon. In fact, in his instances of comment removal, he'll say so openly.

who said that?

you did

... "they should have blown this asshole away"

And what is the difference?

... even more extreme and toxic.

Undoubtedly, this behavior should not be condoned or tolerated! Our community( I live in Dorchester) should be absolutely as safe as the surrounding ones. The blessing is the cops didn't use deadly force I don't want to see anymore of our young black men slain but pointing a gun n cursing the cops totally unacceptable but as a African American I understand why these situations occur.

Distrust of the police and their actions towards the communities they service is bad. I feel bad for them too, not all cops suck and they deserve respect for doing their very hard jobs. It's a sucky situation that I hope improves in the Black Community .

And thankfully no one was hurt. Yet, they’ll get little praise here or most other news sources.

When people are taught and raised to hate the police, authority, America, capitalism, or anything they don’t like, there will always be a new generation of mentally unstable young people acting in discordance with the law.

There are many people out there and on this site who think communities suffering from violence will be better off without the police. Even when actual real world statistics have shown that removing police has made many neighborhoods, towns, and cities more dangerous, people still deny reality and just double down on their “beliefs,” particularly when they don’t have any real world experience with living in an area with higher crime rates.

Didn't the Supreme Court say today there was no such thing as that?

The gist of what they said is that laws which restrict the right to carry to a very narrow segment of the population are unconstitutional.

I thought a well-armed society was a polite society.


Says right there he's 17.

The good thing about him not getting mowed down is that now he's a living arrestee, so this is where you dime out where you got the gun for a lighter sentence.

And then you throw the book at the creep who gave a minor a gun. Did they ever sentence the guy who held the gun for Rittenhouse?

I realize that we ignore the “well-regulated militia” qualifier on the second amendment, but there’s no such qualifier on “well-armed… polite society” that demands that the arms be legal.

(This version of the quote omits the well from well-armed, but again has no qualifier: “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.“)

The 2nd Amendment copies that turn of phrase from the earlier (1777) Virginia Declaration of rights:

That a well-regulated militia, or composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state

The intention of the 2nd Amendment at the time it was adopted was that well-trained citizens, bearing arms, were essential to the preservation of liberty against the threat of oppression by a government.

And FWIW the types of arms the citizenry possessed in those days were equivalent to military weapons. After all, the militias of those days even had cannons!

i'm glad that neither the cops; nor, the child criminal was killed.