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State Police say a gun-packing, pot-dealing driver with no seat belt on is arrested after running a red light in Hyde Park right in front of a trooper

State Police report a man picked the wrong Hyde Park intersection to run a red light at early Sunday.

State Police say a trooper assigned to the Milton barracks was had just gotten a green light at Hyde Park Avenue and West Street around 1:30 a.m. when he had to slam on his brakes due to a car barrelling though the intersection against the red. He turned on his blues and got the other driver to pull over:

Upon the vehicle coming to a full stop Trooper Shruhan approached it and informed the operator why he was stopped. While speaking to the operator and passenger, identified as JAMAL TURNER, 30, of Boston, Trooper Shruhan observed numerous items consistent with the individual packaging of narcotics for illegal distribution. Trooper Shruhan also discovered the operator’s driver’s license was suspended.

After a short investigation on scene, with assistance from several members of Boston Police, Trooper Shruhan conducted a search of the vehicle and located a loaded illegally possessed firearm along with over six ounces of illegally possessed marijuana. Neither occupant of the vehicle was licensed to carry firearms.

Turner was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, having an open container of alcohol and driving without a seat belt on, State Police say.

Innocent, etc.


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it must be embarrassing to get arrested for illegal distribution of marijuana when it’s available legally just about every where you go these days. also pretty smooth running a red light with an open container and a gun in front of staties at 1:30 in the morning. rocket scientist?


… went after a driver who ran a red light!!!!



well he had to slam on his breaks so it was personal. if he was behind the guy who had to slam on his breaks he would have just moved along.


My girlfriend got a ticket for running a red light. I was a passenger (didn't have a license at the time.) It was way after the light had turned, and there was a cop at the intersection.

I don't recommend running red lights, especially well after the light has turned, but doing it in front of a cop is just stupidity in action.


State trooper. You get pulled over by BPD you should buy a lotto ticket.


when i was growing up in the city we used to joke that the only way you could get a DUI by boston police was if you crashed into something. if there was an accident and the cops came they had to fill out paperwork and if you were drunk you were getting locked up. a LOT of people drank and drove back in those days, im not saying it was right but it was a fact. the trick was not to cross into another town (brookline, newton, watertown) because those guys were sitting at the border waiting for us. especially after midnight.

story. one night a friend and i were driving down a one way street in brighton. we each had a cold beer between our legs ( i know, i was an idiot, i grew up and cut that shit out not long after this story took place) ) anyway, about halfway up the street the blue lights went on behind me, two police cars. suddenly in front of me was another set of blue lights coming up the one way street, the wrong way, in front of me. we didn't know what was happening. they jumped out with their guns out and started screaming at us to "get the fuck out of the car!! we both placed our cans of beer on the floor in front of us and exited the vehicle with our hands up. the cops kept screaming and told us to get down on our stomachs and spread our arms and legs. they quickly patted us down and looked through my car. i figured it was DUI time for me but as quickly as it started it ended. the cops apologized and told us our car and descriptions matched an armed robbery that had just occurred close by. they must have got word that they caught the real bad guys so we got up off the ground. they apologized again and left us standing there. when we got back into my car both our beers were still sitting exactly as we had left them and still ice cold. we proceeded with our evening events.


Sure glad he got that free $20K from the government to fund his business!