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Do Spare Change Guys work on a schedule?

I was meeting somebody on the Common today (it's amazing what you can do when the weather's nice). As I walked down Winter, there was Spare Change Guy doing his usual thing (and still clean-shaven) right at Tremont.

Meeting done, I walked through the Common back toward Downtown Crossing. Spare Change Guy was sitting on a bench. His hand was out, and he was asking for spare change, but he was really subdued, almost like his battery was worn down.

At his usual spot at Winter and Tremont, there was a Spare Change guy, somebody hawking Spare Change News. So is there some rotation going on here?


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Not sure but I did come across a job Spare Change posted once that was described as outreach coordinator. It was an actual real paying job and mentioned something along the lines of coordinating something I wish I read more but it did sound like it involved planning of spare change guys.

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