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Was Logan renamed on the same day the statue was dedicated?

Was the name change from Boston Airport made also made on May 20, 1956, when the statue of General Edward Lawrence Logan was dedicated?

Again, thanks to all of you whose answers to my questions have contributed to the authenticity of the background for this story. We're still on track for a June release and I can honestly report that this novel has been the most fun to write of any so far. I laughed out loud several times but also sank into a pretty dark place in a couple other scenes, based on some first-hand knowledge of others' experiences in the area.



I don't know when they name change was but I just looked at a document from 1945 that uses the current name.

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The airport's name was changed in 1943 (see section 8).

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is about as far away from any aeronautical property or object as you can get. Such a disgrace and disrespct for a man who was in the military, a judge and a politician.

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Ask Massport for an official statement.


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This has been such a great site for getting answers from 'the horse's mouth.'

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