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By adamg - 4/17/16 - 11:09 am

Man's alleged weapons stash.

State Police report arresting on Abington man on charges he was loaded for bear while drinking on Nantasket Beach and not treating his dog very well. And that was before officers looked in his car. Read more.

By adamg - 12/24/15 - 5:06 pm
People on Nantasket Beach in Hull

Neil the roving UHub photographer wasn't the only person at Nantasket Beach in Hull today.

By adamg - 12/23/15 - 11:00 am
Lit sign on Nantasket Avenue in Hull

Neil the roving UHub photographer shows us how they celebrate the holiday in Hull (and he notes that those green thingies are windmill blades, not palm leaves).

By adamg - 10/27/15 - 10:58 pm
Full moon over Hull

Neil the roving UHub photographer captured the moon over Hull tonight.

By adamg - 10/12/15 - 7:54 pm
Nantasket sunset

Neil the roving UHub photographer roved all the way down to Nantasket Beach this evening.

By adamg - 9/2/15 - 9:48 am

Dot Rat explains why that would be one of the appetizers at Jake's Seafood in Hull.

By adamg - 7/25/15 - 9:57 pm
Sunset on Nantasket Beach in Hull

Neil the roving UHub photographer watched an interesting sunset on Nantasket Beach last night:

Is Hull God's country? Looks like he reaching out to give the Hullonians a pat on the head.

By adamg - 7/19/15 - 8:01 pm

DD808 wonders about these things mounted at the top of some utility poles he's seen:

Anyone have an idea what these are for? I've seen a few of them in Hull.

By adamg - 6/21/15 - 9:43 am
Spinning ride at the Hull carnival

David Parsons took in the carnival and fireworks in Hull last night.

Copyright David Parsons. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By adamg - 7/3/14 - 4:52 pm
Nantasket Beach today

Nantasket Beach this afternoon.

By adamg - 7/16/13 - 8:20 pm

Hull sunset

Darrell Daniel watched the sun go down over Hull after that brief rainstorm today.

By adamg - 2/1/12 - 3:14 pm

Also see: Riders of the Hull ferry talk about the proposed end of their commute:

By adamg - 8/29/11 - 9:34 am

The Herald talks to Harvey Silverglate about the guy arrested at Nantasket Beach yesterday when he refused to come out of the surf. Well, that and after he allegedly ran across the road to try to evade state troopers.

By adamg - 8/27/11 - 6:00 pm

At the beach

By adamg - 9/3/10 - 3:16 pm

At the beach

Nantasket Beach wasn't exactly crowded around 2 p.m., but there were quite a few people there, from wetsuit-clad surfers to more casual body surfers and bathers to one guy with a metal detector. It was kind of windy, but not overwhelmingly so, and the waves for the most part were small to minuscule. Looking north toward the rest of Hull, you could see this cloud hugging the topography:


Here's something you don't see every day: A guy walking on water (OK, he was actually standing on a surfboard and was getting around by paddling):

Walking on water

As I was driving to the beach, it started raining a bit around 1:45 between the Fore and Back rivers. Afterwards, at a Panera in Hingham, I had just sat down when this little girl at the table next to me blurted out: "What if the hurricane started early and we were driving on the road and we DIED?!?"

By adamg - 9/27/09 - 10:39 am

The Coast Guard reports the rescue of a guy who decided to do a little ocean kayaking around 11:30 last night off Nantasket Beach - in rough waters and without a life jacket.

Of course, he capsized - but right near a moored boat to which he was able to swim and spend several hours.

The Coast Guard says it launched a search boat, and Hull firefighters began searching from shore around 4 a.m. - after a friend called to report the guy missing at 3:30 a.m.:

The missing man called out to the search party on the beach from aboard a moored boat he swam to after falling off the kayak.

The beach search party directed the Coast Guard boat crew to the man's location, where he was rescued and transported to shore where a waiting ambulance took him to South Shore Hospital.

Winds were 20-knots, seas 2-to-4 feet, and the water was 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Coast Guard advises against going out in bad weather in a kayak.

By adamg - 8/28/09 - 11:32 pm
Nantasket beach

We went down to Nantasket this afternoon in search of big waves and surfers, but showed up too early - there were neither big waves nor surfers. Instead, we found a few diehard beachgoers, some (including all the lifeguards) bundled up, trying to get one last summer day in, clouds and dropping temps be dammed.

Lifeguards make sure nobody's buried in giant hole left by some college students:

Big hole
By adamg - 8/23/09 - 7:41 am

The Coast Guard used a helicopter to rescue these two guys and their dog after their boat got stuck on rocks off Hull in Bill-whipped waters around 3:30 p.m. yesterday. In Nahant, a guy who decided yesterday was a good day for fishing is in critical condition after a wave swept him off the rocks he was on, Channel 7 reports.

Photo by Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class Mike Stallard.

By adamg - 1/27/09 - 6:54 pm

Dave Alpert remembers Nathan the Shmatte Man, who:

[R]oamed the beach with garbage bags full of cheap clothing (bringing delightful treats to all the old ladies). ... The women would start to haggle. It was like a game in which they would try to get the best deals possible. Everyone seemed to win. ...

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