T trains relax after snow emergency; lapse into unconsciousness

Trying to get on a train to Lechmere

By all accounts, the T ran pretty well yesterday. Today? Well, Kyle Geiste explains this photo he took at North Station:

Lechmere-bound platform at North Station. 3-4 trains have passed us. There must be a better way.

It is, naturally, even worse on the Red Line, where trains took a break from expiring yesterday, but picked up where they left off today. As Nancy explains:

Disabled train at N Quincy got unloaded a few min ago. Now they just unloaded my train at Wolly to push the other one. ...

Two people just challenged each other to a fight at Wollaston. Then they decided it wasn't worth it.

Joe D adds:

Just got thrown off a Braintree bound train at North Quincy so it can go back to Boston.

A Needham Line train journeyed to the Elysian Fields as well.



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The T only runs well when nobody is around to see it.

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...next stop Willoughby...;-)

(for those of you going "whaa??" that's a Twilight Zone reference...)

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More Good News!

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I made it to work just in time for my 10:30 conference call! Only two hours to get from North Quincy to Government Center.

Too bad I missed my 9:30 and 10am calls.

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