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How to help Academy Homes residents without heat, gas

City Councilor Kim Janey reports on efforts to provide holiday meals to residents at Academy Homes, now on their second day without heat or gas:

Donations of already prepared food can be donated today, December 24 from 4:00-5:00PM to 1592 Columbus Avenue in the Betty Green Room.

Donations of "to go" containers are also needed.

The contact person is Robert Torres. 480-748-7064.

Janey adds she is working with BCYF to see if residents can be given access to a nearby community center to take showers.




do they need them as well? Thanks Adam.

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World Class baby.

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Funny how readers/commenters lose their minds when something political is posted here - or when someone "perceives" that their fellow man/women will be negatively impacted by decisions in Washington. Everyone is just so "outraged" and "motivated". "I stand with _______". Threads will stretch on for 100s of comments. Shit, people will even come in from the suburbs to march on the Boston common to snap selfies and show their friends how progressive and "woke" they are.

Yet when our neighbors are actually experiencing a real hardship (like no heat, hot water, or hot food over Christmas), and could use a large network to bring in support, there is barely a chirp from the readers/commenters on UHUB.

We had/have an opportunity to do something for residents of Academy Homes (our fellow Bostonians) - to use Adam's platform and huge network, but the tread gets 3 comments....true colors.

Happy Holidays.

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Let us resolve to stop with the comment-counting-anger, shall we? I know at least one person who found out about the Academy Homes problem from my postings and who went down there yesterday with food. He didn't post about it here, he just did it. Not commenting on something doesn't mean somebody doesn't care about a particular issue. If you have something to say about an issue, say it, but don't assume that a lack of comments means nobody cares.

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No need to get defensive - It's a good thing that you posted about Academy Homes - I saw it, and acted on it.

I was down there too - and it would have been nice if there were a lot more people. Comment-counting anger? Nope, if my observation upsets you then so be it, I am not trying to offend you or your readers. Adam, I always commend you for covering inner-city stories (UHUB is the best source without compare) but it's pretty glaring that a lack of comments DOES mean that people don't care about a particular topic. Posts on UHUB about plane noise, political noise, and the MBTA delays bring the commenters out by the hundreds, while news about disadvantaged people in Roxbury or of a shooting in Mattapan barely receive a comment. That's a fact.

If I assume anything, its that a site like UHUB (all Boston all the time) has a readership that actually has a love for (or roots in) Boston and its neighborhoods. Maybe I am wrong, maybe its all suburban people on here who couldn't find Academy Homes on a map (your analytics could shine a light on that). Either way, my hope is that this platform (with its very large network) can and will be used to actually help people in Boston - that we can take some of this energy and mobilize people for good.

Happy Holidays Adam - keep up the great work.

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