A South Station track fire made the whole Red Line expire

At 7 a.m., the MBTA reported a track fire on the Red Line at South Station was causing major delays - about a half hour after a deceased train at Park Street caused its own set of issues.


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Did they call the Fire Department?

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Boston fire was not happy when the red line derailed at Andrew and smoked filled the station and they were never notified.

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This is the third MBTA track

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This is the third MBTA track fire in three days. Have they stopped cleaning the stations or something?

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Take a look

Yes, ties are still wooden in that area. Also, there tends to be a lot of trash on the tracks. One stray newspaper and one spark from a third rail or wet equipment underneath a train and there you go.

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My commute landed me in middle of things.

The train in front of me was the disabled train, so we were running slow. As we sat in a tunnel waiting my car issued a "wham" and we lost the lights. Lights eventually came back on, but that incicent caused my car/train was taken out of service at Park st. The next train that got us was the 'last' train out of S Station northbound before the fire holdup.

Quite the commute....

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