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Widening a parkway in West Roxbury in 1932

Widening a parkway in West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain

The Boston City Archives have posted this digitized film reel from 1932, showing the work to widen Centre Street between VFW Parkway in West Roxbury and the Arborway in Jamaica Plain.

A DPW inspector made the film (look for the brief shot of William T. Morrissey, the engineer who later got a boulevard in Dorchester named after him); his son donated it to the West Roxbury Historical Society, which in turn gave it to the Archives.



Boston was so colorless back then - it's so much colorful and diverse now!

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I never tired of reading that to my son and he never tired of hearing it..

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The caption in the film reads, erroneously, "William J. Morrissey, Chief Engineer". A bit of web research shows that William T. Morrissey, for whom the boulevard in Dorchester was named, was indeed "engineer in charge of construction of the city's highway department" in 1931, so it appears to the be same man. He worked for the city until 1945, when he was chosen as Commissioner of the Metropolitan District Commission, a post which he had until his death in 1951. The boulevard was named after him in 1952.


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Is that area across from the Hebrew Rehab, where Sofia Snow House is now?

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closer to Allandale Street--near where Trinity Lutheran Church is now. Sophia Snow Place location is next one down from the church going towards VFW.

You can see where the DCR has just put up the fence where the rockslide occurred a few years ago.

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