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You don't tend to see many teepees in West Roxbury

Teepee in West Roxbury

But there's one on Centre Street near the Dedham line.

You don't see many Easter Island heads or giant chickens in West Roxbury, either.

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I always wonder what's up with that. That house looks like it was once the only one around, sitting atop a small hill, looking down at the area around it.

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State Senator resides there.

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If you're trying to be a piece of shit, then look up what the term "State Senator" means. But thank you for failing to be the asshole we all know you can be.

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I run by that teepee pretty often. According to a list that city archaeologist Joe Bagley circulated a couple of years ago, the house at that address was built in 1680 (same year as the Paul Revere house) and is the third oldest structure in Boston.

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I live nearby and have always admired the farmhouse style of that house. I had no idea it was that old, though.

(I've never seen anyone in the yard though--I wonder how much the teepee gets used!)

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