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B Line riders out of luck due to a crash with a pickup truck

Smush at Commonwealth Avenue and Washington Street in Brighton

People coming into town on the Green Line from Boston College could be 15 minutes late due to a collision between a trolley and a pickup at Comm. Ave. and Washington Street. NBC Boston reports one injury.



Bound to happen. Those trolleys are so aggressive these days, speeding, cutting other cars off...

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Have the right of way and do not need a drivers license to perform their duties. I believe the T has a policy requiring drivers to have a license but it is not required by the General Laws.

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I arrived just about the same time as the Fire Department. Given the orientation of the pick-up and the fact that the bus was clearly going at a good clip when it stopped (it was angled across the intersection slightly) I'm guessing that it was the train which was running the light and t-boned the pick-up.

Inbound train managed to squeeze by, outbound Comm Ave was cut off, and there was a trickle of traffic still working around the accident on Washington when I gave up on all hope of getting anywhere soon and went back home. The helicopters hovered for about 30-40 minutes.

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