Beer garden and taproom planned for the Fenway

Boston Restaurant Talk pours the news on Trillium Brewing Co.'s plans for space near Park Drive and Brookline Avenue.



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Wegmans was to go in the back

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Wegmans was to go in the back where the old warehouse/garage is now. They bailed on riskier urban expansions after the Chesnut Hill development didn't work out as profitable as they hoped.

Maybe, maybe not

There is a Star directly across the street. And it's not nearly as sketchy as it was 20 years ago.

Fenway Star

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I was just in the Fenway Star Market a few weeks ago and was blown away by how nice it is.

More groceries

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The Target katty-corner to the Star Market also has a big grocery section.

Whole Foods nearby too

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On the other side of the Fens, but that's just a longish walk or a short bike ride from that area if there's something you need but can't find at Star Market.