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Citizen complaint of the day: Large fissures erupt at Millennium Park

Fissures on one of the paths at Millennium Park

A concerned citizen files a 311 report to ask that the city do something before his wife (feet shown for scale) is swallowed whole by one of the crevasses that have opened up on the paths around Millennium Park in West Roxbury.

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That place was the dumps. #rimshot

It's a great asset to the SW corner of the city but it is truly a shame that it wasn't feasible to make it slightly better at the start. The drainage has always been terrible due the fact that the soil isn't deep and sits on a capped landfill, but it anecdotally seems to be getting a bit worse. Still has the best views south of the Arbs.

The city won't fix it because that path is for people, not cars. If this were a street it would have already been fixed. Sidewalks, paths, bike lanes are not priorities. If you want the city to care about you then you should have been born an automobile.


They don't fix the streets either.


It's always about the cars, huh?


The paths there are in even worse shape than the ones at Millennium Park, but crews are, even as we speak, putting in new ones.


Yes, and it's the first time they've done these since the early 80's.

You can also count on the Arborway and various sections of centre street getting repaved!

And by fix it I mean put asphalt on it.

That said, the land the walkway is on is not exactly stable. As pointed out by other posters, this was a landfill previously, so we are not talking solid materials. The problem here is most likely settlement of the land underneath. They will probably have to fix it again in another few decades.

Also, if you ever rode in an automobile or bus, you'd know that potholes are the scourge of drivers. They do eventually get filled, as do potholes in bike lanes which, you'd be surprised to discover, are in the street, but it's not an instant thing. Much like this citizen, people need to put in complaints about them for action to be taken. Concrete sidewalks require a lot more work. I would imagine that if the city dumped asphalt on an uneven stretch of concrete dedicated to walkers, you'd be the first one to gripe. But then again, that would be you being you.


I realize that you don't drive, but are you under the impression that the city fixes the streets?

The city won't fix it because that path is for people, not cars. If this were a street it would have already


This is what happens when asphalt is placed over decaying diapers. Something has to give.


I am a hole in the park
Below me is dark
Watch your step
My little pet
You are my next mark

always a pain in the ass.


It burst open and a hand grabbed her by the ankle...

City Councils' response to complaints about Parks... in addition to 311 type mechanisms, other mechanisms for civic engagement can improve metropolitan area Parks.

Please try to at least be within a country mile or so in the relevance of a comment. This one fails that criterion by rather more than that.