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Couple of endorsements released this week in Boston council races

Mayor Marty Walsh this week endorsed Annissa Essaibi-George for re-election to one of the four at-large City Council seats up this fall.

In District 5 (Hyde Park, Roslindale, Mattapan), at-large Councilor Michelle Wu, who lives in Roslindale, endorsed Ricardo Arroyo for the seat being vacated by district Councilor Tim McCarthy.

The Dorchester Reporter reports Walsh also endorsed challenger Alejandra St. Guillen for one of the four at-large seats.

Walsh on Essaibi-George:

As a former teacher and Boston Public School parent, Annissa knows first hand the challenges our students face. As Chair of the Education Committee, she has made it a priority to be a voice for our students, teachers and parents. Working together, we have ensured there will be nurses in every school and that we are addressing each student's social and emotional learning in addition to their academic success.

As Chair of the Homelessness, Mental Health and Recovery Committee, we have partnered to provide resources for homeless families and for those living in poverty to make Boston safer and healthier for all.

As a small business owner, Annissa understands how important our Main Street businesses are to our neighborhoods and economy. We have worked together to provide more funding for our local businesses, and she has mentored a number of women entrepreneurs to help their businesses thrive.

Wu on Arroyo:

Ricardo has demonstrated a deep understanding of the needs of our communities and has put forward a vision for District 5 that includes leading on climate justice, addressing economic and racial inequity, and organizing for the public transportation system we deserve.

The Boston City Council is a powerful institution. We are the direct voice for residents and a platform to support progressive activism across the city. I need partners on the Council who will stand with community and fight for bold solutions. Ricardo will be that partner.

Preliminaries on Sept. 24 will narrow the fields down in contested council races for the November final elections.



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While I'm usually very skeptical of 2nd (and beyond) generation candidates from political families, this guy seems like a marked improvement over the other Arroyos we've had to put up with.

Also wasn't endorsed by Doug Bennett, so another plus.

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He wants his chosen people in the family...I mean city council.

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That's an odd statement given that Michelle is quoted as saying "I need partners on the Council" in the same story, as if she doesn't want "her" people there.

Also, what's up with her and Kim Janey teaming up with an at-large challenger to Essaibi-George? Is Annissa not on board with a Wu challenge to Walsh in 2021?

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That would line up with his endorsement of her, his clearly angling to go to DC if Biden wins, her ties to the same developer backers as Walsh, etc...

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I think it's pretty obvious that Michelle is playing at becoming council president again, setting her up for a Walsh challenge.

Her mean girls office-sharing is evidence of that. As are her conflicting comments on corruption in city hall. (Brissette/Sullivan OK, Lynch bad.) Then you have her mealy-mouthed statement on the recent police action at that parade.

"I need partners on the Council" gives her game away. She spoke the quiet part out loud.

Michelle's not a progressive (voted for Linehan for council prez, don't forget). She's just an opportunist and will take whatever position to get her to the next step. The sad thing is people still like her because she's a cipher. They see in her whatever they want to without looking further.

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You forgot the obligatory 'she's not from here' along with the rest of your pro-Marty post. Where did you get your patronage job anyways, ISD, BWSC or somewhere else?

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Essaibi-George is the only At-Large candidate to visit the Fenway where there has been a homelessness and opiate epidemic problem, as well as a need for a neighborhood school.

Kudos to the Mayor in recognizing the hard work she does for Boston residents.

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I contacted the the At-Large councilors about an issue impacting my neighborhood. Essaibi-George was the only one to send a staffer out to meet with us.

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She’s the only one I’ve consistently seen at BPS events for years and last year, with the issues with BPS transportation, was the only office to respond to me.

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First, going back to the late Flynn era, I cannot recall a mayor out and out endorsing a candidate in a race. Yes, all mayoral "machines" contributed human resources to council campaigns, but it was not blatant endorsing.

As for Wu, endorsing Arroyo is not earth shattering, since he is running for an open seat, but her pact with St. Guillen is interesting, since all of the sitting at-large Councilors are running for reelection. She runs the risk of alienating a colleague, to say the least.

I would say odd times, but since we have a DA and judge locked in a battle about whether people should be prosecuted in roles that are seemingly reversed, I can say we've been in odd times for quite some time.

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