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Demolition, construction begins in earnest this week on Kenmore Square block with the Citgo Sign

BU Today details some of the next steps in Related Beal's plans to remake the BU-owned block with the building that supports the Citgo Sign (don't worry, that stays).



Anyone know when their last day is?

They either don't know or won't say. Rummer has it they're mostly done with CW #3 in the old bagel shop but I won't rest easy until they've reopened.

Losing the Post Office sucks too.

That was my post office back when I was an MIT student.

"A press representative for the Postal Service’s Boston office says that they are actively looking for a new location in the Kenmore area, but have not yet secured one."

Also, here is a link to developer's update page: https://www.kenmore-commonwealth.com/

...and one of the tenants told me Cornwall's was going to have space in the new building. But I have no way of knowing if that's accurate.

I remember when New England Music City was right in that corner storefront where the convenience store later was. I bought many a classic album there when they were new back in the 70s. They generally had a lower price than the Discount Records across the street.The Aegean Fare Greek restaurant was there too, if anybody remembers that.

Lunch (and sometimes dinner) was a serving of rice pilaf with a scoop of tomato sauce for 79 cents. That's how I could afford photo supplies for my terms at NESOP upstairs. One day Mr. Butch wandered into the building with a guitar while I was photographing a snare drum and we had an impromptu jam.

Sadly I missed Music City, but I built my record collection on a foundation from Nuggets and Planet Records across the street.

Gyros after nite at Kenmore club,

They had imports and punch-outs too, and local photographs of rock bands. I spent every penny of my babysitting money there. I think of it often. Best record store, bar none.

I loved that restaurant. In 1979 I was 21 and lived at The Buckminster. I applied for a job at the restaurant and was hired. It was a great place with great food. Their souvlaki, broiled haddock, and milfeulle were the best in town.

the Kenmore Square buildings the firm bought from BU in 2016

Just like the land under the Hotel Commonwealth. They want to make sure they get a say in whatever gets developed over the next century.

The old one was just horrific. I would get depressed each time I thought about how terrible my old school neighborhood was about to become.

..now the other side. We've known for a long time BU ruined Kenmore, but this takes the cake. An ugly corporate looking building is a perfect compliment to the non-brownstone Hotel-commonwealth. Suck the soul out of the city more, please!