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Hey, look, Albano's has Royal Crown

Coke and Royal Crown at Albano's

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.



Looks a lot like one in Mission Hill.

Summer Street, a long, long time ago.

some where on Bremen Street in East Boston, that wall ran all the way down along the road,

Slightly off topic but I'm intrigued by the image on the truck, which I can't see clearly. Same for the street sign, which would obviously be a vital clue.

That WPA-style wall should be a good clue.

Landon Place.

Thanks for playing, folks! This photo shows Porter and Bremen Streets in East Boston on June 13, 1947.

So the building in the center is the building immediately behind (and kind of attached to) Santarpios today?

This area was wiped out by construction of the East Boston Expressway, which opened in 1951. The 1947 photo may have been taken to document its appearance before demolition.