Long list of potential candidates to replace McCarthy on the city council

Michael Freedberg compiles a list of potential candidates for the District 5 (Hyde Park, Mattapan, Roslindale) city-council seat Tim McCarthy is retiring from.

Now, In his farewell address, McCarthy wrote:

I will also be fully engaged in helping to select our next representative, to ensure the continuation of the great work my office has been part of since elected.

So, will he try to hand the reins over to his aide de camp, Lee Blasi? What it Councilor Michelle Wu's chief of staff, Dave Vittorini jumps in? Who will the progressives in Roslindale and the Haitians in Mattapan and Hyde Park support?

But in an election almost designed on purpose to have low turnout, does that mean whoever McCarthy taps is assured of victory? Who goes to vote just for the city council? The folks who support Hyde Park candidates like McCarthy, Scaccia and Murphy, is who. But unlike last year's state-rep race, in which Scaccia won with under 50% of the vote against two progressives (and two other lesser known candidates), the city council race could go to one on one runoff.

In any case, two candidates had already announced even before McCarthy jumped out of the race: Ricardo Arroyo of Hyde Park (son of former City Councilor Felix Arroyo and brother of, yes, former City Councilor Felix Arroyo) and Yves Mary Jean of Roslindale.



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Where does he live?

I don't know what to make of this:

Conor E. Freeley "... now works for a well known Pennsylvania state Delegate from a Philadelphia district. Freeley has made it known that he would like to run for office back at home; now is his chance, maybe ?"

So does he live here or in Pennsylvania or what?

I don't think people are smart

The reason I ask is there is a residency requirement to run for the office of city council. You have to be in the district for one year as of election day.

Depends on your definition of residency

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If Freeley has on retainer the lawyer who proved Romney was a Massachusetts resident back in 2002, he should have no problem.

Of course, the author was just theorizing, so there is also the chance Freeley isn’t going to run. I know family. I’ll try to ask the next time I see them. I’d bet anything his voting residence has been in the 02131 since he turned 18.

It was an interesting article

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Some of the items were pure speculation- Williams would be good, but he has just started a new job, so that could be a deal breaker with a run- but still, the gives a good roster of potential candidates.

It is a bit sad that there were only 2 black candidates listed, along with one Hispanic candidate. We'll see how that works out.

What I think would be an interesting twist is if Don Saklad moved to the district from Cambridge and ran. He's been very interested in the workings of the Boston City Council. This could be his golden opportunity to get on the council and shake things up.


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Wow this article is bad. Really bad. Two of the "candidates" havent graduated college yet.