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Man attacks windows on a Red Line train with a hammer at JFK/UMass

WBZ reports on the incident last night. The sound made at least one person think somebody was firing a gun and told that to Transit Police, which sent cruisers rushing to the scene, but by the time they got there, the hammer guy was gone.

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I'm telling you, people are pissed. One of these days sooner than later a bunch of riders are going to die all at once in a catastrophic disaster at the fault of the MBTA.

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Some deranged asshole with a hammer goes wack and you blame it on the MBTA? I suppose the train was wearing clothes that enticed it.


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...and I'm almost to Park Street.

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Perfect! This so captures my life on the Red Line these days (Mattapan trolley to Kendall, heaven help me....) that it might end up on my tombstone....

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It isn't their fault that years of deferred maintenance have left them in the condition that they are.

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2. Perhaps a hammer was the only tool he had.

3. Everyone in the car should have said, "I hear ya knockin' but ya can't come in!"

4. Thor, is that you?


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If I had a hammer ...

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A few years ago a Transit police officer on her bike patrolled JFK and Savin Hill. She did a great job everyone loved her and she work out of the Police office at JFK station. Since she left I haven't seen a t-cop and the police office is closed.

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For John Henry.

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It took me ONE and ONE HALF HOURS to get home from Dewey Sq South Station to Quincy Center on the Red Line. ONE.AND.ONE.HALF.HOURS to go NINE-TEN MILES on a subway right of way. Total of 5 stops. 6 if including South Station. Lost count of the trains that came and went PACKED TO THE GILLS.

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Unfortunately this is the new norm on the redline, if not all lines on the T.

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... it will all be straightened out in 15 years or so.

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