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News of our recent spate of shootings gets out; one presidential candidate thinks it's worth holding a press conference about

Sen. Cory Booker plans to hold a press conference in Boston to discuss gun violence "following 17 shootings in five days in Boston that have left local leaders wondering what more can be done," according to a press release today. Booker's not looking for a lot of people to attend, it seems, because the release doesn't say where the thing will be, but does say that reporters can find out by dropping a line to one of his press people, and you know what, if this guy wants to make like it's 1988 and he's George Bush using Boston Harbor as a campaign prop, the UHub Action Mobile News Unit has better things to do.

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@AyannaPressley shows the power of an #metoo WOMAN to take control and own #trauma by convening hearings @oversightDEMS and show what a (fr @BoscityCouncil to Congress) lady can #itsaboutme do when #TheSquad takes on #NancyPelosi. That is how to #solvetheproblem & #getthejobdone.



The two of you should get along fine.


She's really laying it on thick.


Has always been her strongest talent.


One minute "MA is a national model for gun control with one of the lowest rates of deaths by firearms" the next we are a crime ridden warzone? Puh-lease! *eye roll* Bunch of grave dancing opportunists.

Want to stop most violent crime? Reform drug policy to eliminate the financial incentives behind gang activities.


I mean, it's not like there's a city in his state that has seen a spate of mass shootings.


Stemming the violence in the city he "lives" in, and used to be mayor of? Gun violence took his good friend T-Bone.

Boston hardly needs to be lectured by anyone from Newark, NJ about crime.

While crime went down during his tenure - at first - it crept back up while he was still in charge.

Crime rates, which were, in fact, falling before Booker was elected, began to creep back up. By 2013, with Newark’s population at 278,246, there were 3,516 violent crimes and 112 killings, both figures higher than when he took office. The city’s murder rate put it behind only Detroit and New Orleans.


Just go straight to New Hampshire and save me your *baloney.

Boston crime report, 2018:


Newark crime details, 2012 (last full year as mayor) (read the stats, not the mis-statements by his senate opponent):



But he’s Spartacus.

That was my thought exactly. He honestly shouldn’t even have his current position after he’s mayoral performance.


You need a better acronym, kid.

Oh, no, that is not a phrase that one turns into an acronym. It is meant to roll majestically and sonorously off your tongue.


This makes no sense

  1. There must be 50 or more cities in States across the country with more shootings than in Boston
  2. Massachusetts is unlikely to be considered a "Swing State"
  3. What about stabbings of EMTs by nutcases
  4. Does Sen. Booker have a personal connection with the events?
  5. Or is this a political take-out move against one of the local candidates a la George HW Bush and M. Stanley Dukakis in 1988

Inquiring minds want to know what motivates such a strange political campaign decision


Booker's aiming for the primary not the general. Booker needs Boston votes to win MA delegates to get the nomination.


But can it please be about public transportation?


Yeah who cares about the plight of the minorities and the urban violence they have to cope with daily!!

Who cares about all that nonsense when white people from Braintree need to get into the city!

Because if you do, you need to read up on the transportation issues that have affected communities of color long before the Red Line derailment - some of which a few city and state officials (like Michelle Wu) have been complaining about for a long time. If you're interested, I can list a ton of them, but if you're just here to rant, well, then, carry on.

NOT arguing that a national candidate should care about problems on the T, but it's possible to care about both gun violence and lack of decent transit services at the same time.


I mean, we have a literal "Red Line" ffs.

Go read a book, man.

The red line problems also affect brown people from Dorchester who also need to get into the city?


They knew the Red Line has a branch that serves Dorchester only.

That was a joke, pretty obviously.

As I said elsewhere, if the purpose of this was (as it should be) to highlight that the lack of real federal gun control undermines otherwise successful state level regulation, then this might not be a terrible idea. But I suspect that's not it.

Seriously though - a very small number of firearms involved in Boston shootings were legally purchased in MA. Lots come from the south (particularly GA) and lesser numbers from NH and VT (somewhat paradoxically given its progressive rep, but not so surprisingly to those of us who know it well).


That's contrary to former Sheriff Cabral's testimony and the Boston ATF office's data. 2/3rds of illegally obtained firearms (illegal straw purchases or thefts) used in crimes in Massachusetts are from Massachusetts. The rest follow the drug trade routes from points south.

This state and federal counterparts routinely fails to prosecute straw buyers (largely women) due to cooperation agreements. Usually girlfriends testifying against their gangster boyfriends.

He has no ideas of his own or any discernible policy so he must attack front runners via the media or drop into their home states to...make a point? or something? who the hell even knows what he's doing here?

The guy was crowing about having 3%, THREE PERCENT support to be POTUS in some poll. Hes going nowhere fast, and stunts like these are just to squeeze every last $5 donation from his dwindling email list.

The last thing I want to say here is just "LOL New Jersey".


Summer of 1991, Clinton wasn't doing well in polls either. Summer of 2003, Howard Dean was surging in polls. Way too early.

When Portugal legalized all drugs in 2001 what followed was an 80% decrease in crime. There are powerful interests that have a vested interest in maintaining prohibition. If you combined the revenue from America's 10 largest corporations it would not equal the prohibition revenue that is all cash and tax free.