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Sometimes, when one door closes, another one opens, and then the first door opens again


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Play this, then come back and watch the video.

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why do persons with > $1,000 cellular tele-fones insist on taking videos in the wrong resolution.

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Because most people in 2019 watch videos on their $1,000 cellular tele-fones, not on a TV. Vertical videos sometimes make more sense and it's easier to watch a video vertically on a phone.. There is no correct aspect ratio anymore.

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i watched the simpsons on my cellular tele-fone on hulu. it wasnt in the wrong format. no way would i pay $8 a month for that.

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resolution ≠ orientation

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big ups; but, a 1920x1080 horizontal resolution transforms into something silly like 640x1080 vertical bars.

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I've seen some react with violent nonsense ... all for what?

Anyone who cares that much needs Valium and an enema.

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.. that this was going to be about the new Orange Line cars.

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But I'd just like you to know this is the first time @adamg completely confused me with a title.
back to you @adamg

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