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We may have a crane problem: For second time today, crane dislodges construction material; at least this time nobody was hurt

Looking down at the steel beams that fell from a crane at Hub on Causeway at the Garden

Steel beams lying on the ground instead of being where they should be.

Teo posted this photo at 3:04 p.m., reports:

A crane’s cable snapped right outside of hub on causeway causing massive steel beams to drop several stories. Doesn’t look like anyone was injured. Building shook violently.

Construction debris falls off building and onto woman in the North End.



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Looked a lot closer to Bobby Orr at first there.

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All the City sees are dollar signs, they can give a shit about public safety or the residents quality of life.

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Construction work is scary. You can never be too careful. I hope the woman will be ok. I work in that area and walk to North End for lunch often. You best believe I'll pay more attention and steer clear of any construction and scaffolding. We all heard that crash and our hearts lept.

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I was at Tavern in the Square when this happened. It honestly sounded like a bomb had gone off

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I was a couple of blocks away from the finish line in 2013, and I thought something heavy had fallen, until I remembered there weren't any construction sites around. Then I thought maybe the grandstand had collapsed. And then there was the second one....

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Adam, you sound just like you work for the Globe where something that happens twice is a trend!

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This is my main city-living fear. There is ongoing construction by my office for the new Four Seasons by the Pru, and I can't tell you how many times I've walked down the street to suddenly find myself directly underneath a crane's load.

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