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World's fair being revived in Jamaica Plain

Work has started to revive the World's Fair that was an annual street festival along Centre Street in Jamaica Plain until it just disappeared after 2008. Now dubbed the Latin Quarter World's Fair, in honor of the designation of the area from Hyde Square to Jackson Square, it's scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 15. And, yes, there's a GoFundMe page to help pay for putting it on.




Let it go, JP.

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I think the creator of the page set it up 12 days ago and then didn't tell anybody about it until now.

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Centrals was always better but I stopped in to one of these in JP years back and it was a little boring, tbh.

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It's at $55 now! Doubled the amount since yesterday morning.

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Aka soon to be Subaru Forester....

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I spent the last of our money on this Al Gore doll.

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