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Yes, a helicopter was flitting over the area this morning

US Coast Guard helicopter

Out on a run this morning, Jason Richardson spotted a Coast Guard helicopter flying in a training mission over the Charles by the Esplanade.

The crew also flew low and loud along Mass. Ave. in Cambridge and Central Square.


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I heard that bird overhead this morning and was a bit worried. It was seriously low and loud. I'm glad you posted the picture and explanation. I didn't know what was going on and went out walking to try to find out, but it was gone by then.

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I know they're loud. But seriously. Your shrink would tell you the same thing.

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Yeah, it was loud enough to rattle the dishes in the cabinet.

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You just think its not black. That's what they want you to think.

It IS black. It just has yellow camouflage on.

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No furious,pedantic 311 complaints? No avalanche of 911 calls? Any lawsuits been filed yet?

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