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Former Blessed Sacrament Church in Jamaica Plain up for sale

Jamaica Plain News reports the Hyde Square Task Force, which owns the former church on Centre Street, is now trying to sell it after being unable to find a partner able to convert it into a performing-arts and community center.




I am not even a religious person but it pains me to see a church sitting in disrepair not being used. I just think about all the joy and happy events. The sad days and mourning. The best and worst moments of peoples lives took place in those walls. I hope they find something suitable for that glorious building.

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I would love to see the church preserved but $100k in yearly maintenance is steep for anything below the city gov't to fund. It's a white elephant. Performing arts center sounds nice but surely not something in short supply in JP compared to housing. There's a community center just down the street at the Hennigan, isn't there?

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The area is, for better or worse, gentrfying. Split the interior into 2 or 3 floors, include high ceiling apartments that are broad enough to take advantage of ample windows.

High end apartments are better than tearing the building down and replacing it with concrete boxes.

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A major cultural city yet Boston lacks a vital element of rich urban life: a plant conservatory.

Out of the box and into the garden thinking - use the building as a plant conservatory. Major cities have plant conservatories. Chicago has 2; Pittsburgh has a fantastic conservatory. A plant conservatory could be a money maker since people would line up to enter in the winter months. Imaging walking into spaces that are either desert or tropical when the sidewalks are covered with a foot of snow for weeks on end and the outdoor natural color scheme is grey and brown?

In Pittsburgh during winter people line up to enter Phipps Conservatory. A world class city deserves a good plant conservatory.

With the parking lot adjacent to the building there could be nurseries emphasizing native plants, flower, vegetable and fruit lots. Even during winter these could be used to teach all the practices involved in putting gardens to bed for the winter and waking them up for the new year.

This is world class.

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We had one at Horticultural Hall. It was mismanaged into the ground. Maybe Northeastern which recently purchased the building can bring it back?

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Tear down the glorified food court in Faneuil Hall and put a REAL market here. I really think it cd work and wd draw literally thousands to the area—which everyone wd whine about. But still.

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Were the other buildings on the site carved out into separate parcels and permanent re-use, or are they potentially in play as well?

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The HSTF uses the old Chevrus for their HQ. All the other buildings are housing.
Market rate rentals (Off Centre Lofts formerly Compass School), SRO (Sister Virginia Mulhern run by Pine St Inn), Affordable housing condos and rentals.

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