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Back Bay watering hole has dried up for good

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the demise of Whiskey's on Boylston Street.



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That this is still happening even with the city's aggressive push to close streets to car traffic to give restaurants extra space, sparing nothing in an effort to save the city's restaurants and culture

...sorry I was thinking about Europe again

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I can't imagine there is going to be a lot of demand for eating outside this weekend going into Monday.

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Didn't seem to deter anyone in similarly nasty hot weather last week. So long as there is shade, it can be more pleasant than eating at home inside if you don't have AC.

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That's crazy talk:). Anyone is willing to do anything to be able to get out of their houses for a bit...lol.

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and I'm happy to sit outside in any heat.

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Dread cone and barrel shortage!!


Marty, as always, has been pathetic at actually seeing through on meaningful infrastructure change.

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Are there plans on how we're going to retain these local places once this pandemic is passed? I fear the nation will be full of large chains and fast food at this rate, all these places are calling it quits for good, not 'for now.'

Do my fears have any merit or are they reasonable?

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There is no plan currently.

This a will help, but it’s been stalled for moths.


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The ones with the capital will be the only places to eat very soon. Get ready for more fast food icons.

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Only went there once. I won admission to a cocktail party at Whiskey's from WFNX. They had free drinks to introduce some kind of new liquor. I brought a date as our first date. I'm not sure if she was impressed with me for winning some free drinks or if she thought I was a cheapskate. I later got married, but not to her.

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I hope this story was your wedding toast!

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Please post the Buffalo wing recipe for the greater good of humanity! I mean the real recipe from a few years ago not the last iteration which was terrible and like every other wing in the city. I miss the old crispy hooters style wings.

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