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In Brighton, switch from Mary Ann's to maryjane comes closer, but the dream of a Dunkies/pot run up near Soldiers Field Road is dead

The Boston Cannabis Board this week approved the transformation of Mary Ann's, once Cleveland Circle's premier sticky-floor bar, into a recreational marijuana shop.

The proposed HVV Massachusetts shop, which would be open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., still needs approval of the city Zoning Board of Appeals and the state Cannabis Control Commission. The board rejected arguments from nearby Boston College that the shop would prove a detriment to the neighborhood.

Over on North Beacon Street, however, the Zoning Board of Appeal rejected a proposed marijuana shop at 204 North Beacon St., where a Papa Gino's used to be, next to the Dunkin' Donuts at the corner of North Beacon and Market streets.

Board members agreed with the Brighton-Allston Improvement Association and nearby residents that the intersection was already too dangerous and congested to support additional traffic from a marijuana shop - which would have shared parking spaces with the Dunkin' Donuts.

Mary Ann's, however, is located next to another Dunkin' Donuts.




...premium sticky bud bar."

C'mon, Adam! It was RIGHT THERE!


BC High


It really screams to be called Mary Jane's , same 60s letter and all.

But you know that wouldn't go over well.

And less Amazon warehouses I guess.
I don't know how many jobs or taxes a weedshop is going to generate.



Is just Magoo or is does weed make one paranoid. Magoo sparked up a hizzoint the other night and thought the poepoe was going to come and get me. Or that the dust mite under the sofa was judging me. Magoo.

So many of us each have our own Mary Ann's Memory we will never forget.

Joking. I am very happy to hear about these new licenses. It's about time - what, 7 years after we legalized it??! (3 years.)

I did a map once where I showed by ZIP code or something, who voted yes on legalization. Top areas were (no surprise) Commonwealth and Beacon, and Harvard Ave and Commonwealth Ave. We can respect the opinions and votes of people who voted no but that's democracy (lower D) for you. The only city/town that voted "No" (more than 50%) was .. Menton, MA! (Ruth Pointer lives there, btw.)

More pot shops means lower costs to consumers. Also, capitalism (and, basic Economics.)

What's weird is that, so far, the outer neighborhoods seem to be more popular than downtown, when it comes to retail marijuana. Why is that? Is it the cost of real estate? Is it the market?

Adam, the big story is that Steve's Pizza will be closing!

It's a LOT easier and a much shorter trip to hop on the highway to Woburn or Medford versus fighting T and city traffic just to get to Brookline only to stand in line for 30 minutes to pick up a medical pre-order.

Just outside Boston proper you can be in and out in 5 minutes and not have to deal with the lines or the attitude that seems to drip from a lot of the folks that run the city shops.

They're opening hop shops now?! Durnitall- we done tol' y'all marijuana was a gateway drug!!!

It’s Mendon

"Come gather round, people, where ever you roam ... "