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In case you ever wondered if those Green Line emergency doors built into Boylston Street work

Open emergency exit on Boylston Street

Greg spotted one of them at least partially open, in front of the CVS in Copley Square. The T said it would send somebody over to close it.


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Are there any others like this, with the motorized lift and alarm lights? This is the only one I know of.

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The shelters and the methadone mile are dangerous and unsafe and people are taking refuge in the T tunnels. They probably forgot to shut the door when they left the tunnels.

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That's people's home down there in the tunnels. No joke. For real. Wait till everyone gets evicted. Mahhty probably wishes he could bail now. Homeless will take over the streets. Pets will be abandoned. A whole new generation will grow up to perpetuate the pattern.

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these doors should be tested every month like smoke detectors.

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