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Group plans series of comic books featuring Boston supah-heroes

Big purple monster eats the Pru

Nobody eats the Pru on my watch!

The Boston Comics Roundtable has turned to Kickstarter to help fund a series of three comic books, titled "Boston Powers" and featuring the superheroes who live among us right here in the Hub of the Universe. And the Cape:

The Cape vs Sharkman

With Boston Powers, our aim is to offer readers of all ages - but especially young readers - fun and positive comics that bring the superhero genre to our own Boston-area neighborhoods. For We’ll publish 3, 40-page issues in the coming year: classic, floppy, stapled, full-color comic books.

Numerous scientific studies demonstrate the value of reading comics for developing literacy skills in young readers... all well and good, but we're a bunch of big kids ourselves and we just want the comics to be GOOD: exciting, funny, moving, silly, scary, imaginative adventures.

The roundtable is a group of local comics writers and artists who have been getting together for 14 years. In 2013, they put out their first series of Boston-based superhero comics.



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Sounds totally groovy baby, yeah!

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i thought pink floyd was added to boston calling.

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Would be a giant inflatable pig flying over the Chinatown steam plant.

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Not all heroes wear capes.....

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Fun and positive comics? That's an oxymoron.

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So, have they created the superhero characters already or are they taking nominations?

I would suggest:
- Super Tory (snow day power)
- Hawk (Avery Brooks badassery power)
- The Green Duke (recycling powers, also can channel the speed, energy, & momentum of an LRV built out of all the metal glass & plastic he's recycled over the years)
- The Inflator (true identity unknown (wink wink))

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I would suggest that one of the heroes is "The T," with all the power of a locomotive, but who is also expensive, late, slow, and prone to breakdowns.

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