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Hyde Square shootings, crash destroyed Jamaica Plain community refrigerator

Boston Community Fridge reports that its refrigerator on Centre Street, available to anybody who needs some food, was basically destroyed during last night's Hyde Square triple shooting and so it's looking for a new refrigerator and place to put it.

To be clear, the fridge is material and therefore replaceable. It seems to have been collateral damage, and we are more concerned about the safety of all the humans involved in the chaos.

That said, the current fridge is done for. We are looking for a new fridge with a NEW HOST in a well-trafficked location, with room for a shed so we can keep the fridge protected from the elements for the winter AND be able to accept more dry goods.




How many shootings actually took place last night?

Police were everywhere in Roxbury.

There has been no reporting I've come across rounding up wtf happened last night.

Stacos Twitter just had report after report. This particular burst of gunfire was terrifying.



Black Lives Matter - except to black thugs; in their case, they say, 'Black Lives Don't Matter'.

Selfish scum.....


Can any developers from Egelston all the way through Jackson, up Centre Street to Whole Foods put their money where their mouth is and buy a replacement fridge ?


Do you shout white lives don’t matter to white peoples who kill other white people?

How about just thugs? Plenty of white thugs killing white folk.

White people - words matter.

Does this really belong here, Adam?


If you are a refrigerator you have to understand that drivers are going to speed into you.


Speeding drivers who were shot and seriously injured by violent criminals.

And to clarify for you, these violent criminals were apparently not apprehended or adequately punished when they previously committed crimes. After all, one does not go from a harmless sheep to a murder overnight...


This would be easy to believe, but imma need a source from you.

A person was shot and killed. Do you understand? Gun violence in the streets of a neighborhood is the topic. But you know, carry on with your bike ranting/ anti-car hysteria. No compassion, depressing.


Good thing, we have insurance for things like property damage.

Look it up.


Thats Real Belittling on people how they just put a fridge slap dab on the Street has if calling people beggers. Degrading people. Why not put it close to Whole Foods were the food is triple priced...? I swear. Evil can be a underlined joke sometimes.

It's free food dropped off by folks in the community for folks in the community, there's no begging involved or people around to watch and judge. Is this really how you spend your time, shitting on a community solution to a community problem?