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If Campbell wins election next year, she'll be first Boston Latin graduate as mayor in more than a century

Honey Fitz Fitzgerald

Boston has not elected a Boston Latin School graduate as mayor since John "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald left office in 1914.

Past mayors and their high schools since then:

  • Andrew James Peters - Went to school out of town
  • Malcolm Nichols - Attended school in Portland, ME
  • James Michael Curley - Did not attend high school
  • Maurice Tobin - High School of Commerce
  • John Hynes - Did not attend high school
  • John Collins - Roxbury Memorial High School
  • Kevin White - Tabor Academy (Marion, MA)
  • Ray Flynn - South Boston High School
  • Tom Menino - St. Thomas Aquinas High School
  • Marty Walsh - The Newman School

List of Boston mayors.

Campbell graduated Boston Latin School in 2000. Her only announced opponent to date, City Councilor Michelle Wu, went to high school in Barrington, IL, but she has a BLS connection: Her sister went there after the family moved to Boston.

Fitzgerald photo from the Jamaica Plain Historical Society's Doyle's Cafe Memorabilia Collection. Posted under this Creative Commons license.

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We will get her up on the frieze. Sumus Primi.


Is there still one last spot left?

and gave to my kids schools instead. They don't need alternate fencing unis at theirs. I haven't been inside for at least 10 years so I can't answer. Kennedy is on the lower rung by the way only about 8 feet up, not at light bulb counting level.

In researching the list, I was reminded that, like Curley, Andrew James Peters (for whom Peters Hill in the Arboretum is named) had a fictionalized book and movie account made about part of his life: BUtterfield 8 - although in that account it's the man who dies, rather than the woman (who was actually just a girl at the time of her alleged interactions with the man).


Wow. I searched on Andrew James Peters after you mentioned him (never heard of him!) and went down a rabbit hole so deep I'm drowning. What an incredible story of depravity and sordidness. A New York City socialite is found on a beach in 1931, dead by drowning. Eventually, Peters is considered the prime suspect. He is accused of having sexual abused the socialite when she was a pre-teen (age 11).

She was a mess as a young woman, doing drugs, abusing alcohol, and hooking up with every sailor and seaman in port (Chelsea Piers). Her stepfather and mother were "extorting" money from Peters in order to maintain their lifestyles. He paid $20,000 as a settlement years earlier but they wanted more after that.

Rumor was he had the woman killed to stop having to pay. Others think she fell off an ocean liner, full of drugs, and drowned.

Case is closed with no charges brought and no one found guilty of any crime.

Peters lives in Massachusetts until he dies on June 26, 1938.

Reading about the Peter's family, they lived on a "family estate" on Asticou Road in Jamaica Plain. The wife lived until 1960. They had at least six children.

At some point, they sold and the neighborhood developed and expanded.

There is a story that when the new owners bought the original house that they found parts of a girl's diary in the wall, presumably the girl that Peters sexually abused for years.

Did that happen? What happened to the diary? Where did the Peters family live, address.

Attended The Newman School? On Marlborough Street? Interesting


Lots of BLS grads...haven't done much. Many people I know went to BLA or BLS and umm..lol.
I 've met some sticky stinky shadey ones too.
I was sued by one for talking..better a dropout with a GED who has to go to night school than one of those bizzare entitled alums.

If the glass is almost empty, just top it off High School?

South Boston High. Working Class. Played Basketball at PC when PC was really, really good at hoop.

City Councilor. Mayor. Ambassador. (Great joke at the time at the Vatican - He might pick up some Romanian in his everyday conversations with people).

Was he the best at all those things? No. Pretty good at those things? Sure.

You can throw your CV up there for picking apart if you want. It won't be as good as his.


Homophobic anti gay marriage and anti abortion stances (among other concerns) as he would revel in via The Pilot and other platforms. So he's definitely pushing for Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court


He got that gig while remaining friends and a staunch ally of Cardinal Law who was the leader of the local church during the greatest crime spree in the history of US Catholicism. A huge negative for many, other than those who sought to blame the victims for coming forward.

College hoops in the early 60s is just a hilariously deep level to dig to find something to recommend about this man.

Being mayor is a solid and real accomplishment, I'll give you that - everything else is just filler.


State Rep, too.

But some just love to harp on beliefs and decide that all the rest is bunk. Sigh.

Just say so.

'Harp on beliefs' is the whole enchilada - when you put yourself out there as a moral exemplar of deep faith and then side against the victims of child rape because it makes your beloved church look bad, then you deserve every single negative thing you get. I mean, do you think being a city councilor for a few years somehow offsets that?

Admittedly, we are now living in a society where talking people down, belittling them, is becoming the norm, and you are probably overjoyed that this is the case.

That said, there are shades of gray everywhere. Ray Flynn, as a State Representative, was very active in his opposition to forced busing. At the same time, he intervened in the middle of an incident that was turning violent, saving an African American who happened upon an anti-busing rally. So, was he a good guy for seeing the violence is wrong or was he a bad guy for opposing people who wanted better education for themselves and their families? And can anyone point to anything he did in his roughly 10 years as mayor that was bad? For me, that time period, when he was able to shape the city, is the only time that counts.

At the end of the day, mocking Flynn's CV is petty. He graduated from South Boston High School, a fact he has always been proud of, then went to Providence College to play basketball. State Rep, City Councilor, Mayor, Ambassador. What have you done with your life?

I'm pretty sure he wore a tan suit. Wasn't even a Leisure Suit.

I have zero time for anyone who repeatedly, publicly defended that monster Law. His past accomplishments count for nothing if when the chips are down, he cashed them all in to stridently defend the actions of the leaders of the Boston diocese YEARS after all the facts were out.

Again, OJ was a great football player. Doesn't count for much now, does it?

Just amazing - after he was mayor, his actions don't count? Only true if he became a private citizen.

Jeffrey Epstein really supported some excellent research - all cool, right?

Have you ever seen a list of Jeffrey Epstein's "friends?" Because, you see, Flynn ain't Epstein, nor was Law. You have to get the degree beyond Law to get to the Epstein level of depravity. So, take most of the people of influence in the US, and you get to where Flynn is in your obsession with him. To give an example. Law is not Epstein, but more like Bill Clinton, a friend of Epstein's. That puts Flynn on the level of those who claimed that the numerous charges against Bill Clinton over the years were part of a "vast right wing conspiracy." Were you one of those people, who defended the guy who was friends with a sexual deviant? Were you?

Though to be fair, Flynn was friendly with Clinton, so I guess rather than shitting on the guy for being a proud graduate of South Boston High School, you could instead ponder the Clinton connection. Or, you could just accept that this post was about where past mayors went to high school and leave it at that.

Mm. Just yesterday someone at work was saying he was a smart man. I was not convinced.

They said he went to PC on a college scholarship, actually, so he was good.

If it ain’t broke . . .

Any Boston English alumni get elected Mayor?