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New Italian restaurant in East Boston could open with beer and wine service

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday gave permission to an East Boston man who is planning to open an upscale trattoria on Bennington Street to buy the beer and wine license from a Dominican restaurant in Roslindale.

Luis Santiago Lasprilla's El Burro would replace a former bakery and feature what his attorney Michael Ford called authentic and "upper scale" Italian food - with takeout and a 14-seat patio.

The board approved his purchase of the license now held by 100% Delicias on Hyde Park Avenue in Roslindale. The state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission also has to approve the license sale.

In explaining the public need for a restaurant serving beer and wine at that location - a requirement of licensing hearings - Ford noted that East Boston in general and the area around the location in particular have been growing rapidly. Authentica Italian food and upscale takeout "is exactly what the neighborhood's looking for," he said.

Watch the hearing:




Upscale in East Boston...have fun with that. Besides we already have Rinos for great Italian..not like we needed more Italian places...

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There’s nothing wrong with having more Italian restaurant’s in East Boston , I hope it’s a success and it will out last some of the same old Italian restaurants that are around Eastie now .

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Good luck. Eastie is off the beaten path. If you’re not a local it’s either Santarpio’s or Rino’s. High end will not survive there.

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Upscale in East Boston? Have you been abroad for the last 6 years? Don't want to start a fight, but there is ample money in EB now. I begrudge it well. Anyway, Rinos' no reservations thing is a pain in the ass and caters to retirees who moved out of here in the 80's. Great food but... I welcome another HQ Italian restaurant in the neighborhood. On a side note, I wish Fresh Off the Boat was still around, but the Arepa place that replaced it is absolutely great.

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Italian Express and Mario’s need more love.

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Eastie's italian express went downhill after the original owner sold it to the current owners. Try Victor's on Lincoln Ave in saugus if you are ever around there.

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Have you walked around the waterfront behind Maverick Square lately, right towards LoPresti Park and left towards Piers Park?

That said, I don't know how close this restaurant is to that neighborhood, because Bennington is a long street running through all of East Boston, and Adam didn't give the address or street corner here.

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where a new restaurant opening isn’t necessarily news itself, but that it could be opening with beer and wine service is.

Wait, we don’t have to imagine!

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If the Italian restaurant does not work out after a year, it’s going to end up as another Bennington street watering hole.
Great tactic..

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I agree wholeheartedly, there are more than enough businesses with beer and wine licenses on that one block of Bennington Street alone , it’s East Boston’s version of bourbon Street, you still have people pouring out of nearby bars late at night urinating on private and public property,
Plus, this proposed restaurant is way too close to a residential area where you have families with kids , they don’t need to put up with the late night noise and rowdiness and aforementioned public urination.
And the Parking , that’s another story for another day.

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Any data on listings of restaurants that failed so Google can be properly ,be updated for the Googling population that brings in (or used to bring in) the ,$$$$??

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Italian Pilsner , my friend.
Saisons and lambics.

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