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Porter Cafe in West Roxbury decides staying open just isn't worth the risk

Porter Cafe on Centre Street in West Roxbury announced that last night was its final night of takeout service until after conditions improve:

Our staff have concerns and are worried no matter what precautions are taken that they may be at risk so regrettably we will be closing tonight . Our staff are like family and this is their choice and will be respected.

Thank you everyone for the support over the last week - you have been amazing and so kind.

See you all sooner than later we hope.

Peace and love from all at Porter Cafe.



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is asinine

all it takes is one chef, line cook, dish washer, manager, or driver to be infected and then they infect their clientele

take-out and delivery are a really bad idea right now

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Same could be said for grocery stores. One cashier, bagger, stock person, manager, etc. Wipe down your takeout containers, reheat your food and you'll be fine. But Porter Cafe was always more of a sit down pub than takeout place, which I'm sure factored into their decision more than the potential risk of contamination. Most places which already made the majority of their profits from take-out and delivery will remain open unless we see Wuhan-levels of lockdown.

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