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Roslindale losing its cheese shop

Adam Shutes announced today he'll be closing his Boston Cheese Cellar on Birch Street in Roslindale Square at the end of the month.

Five years ago, I stepped into the unknown to run a cheese shop in my local Boston neighbourhood of Roslindale. Although I knew nothing of retail, a small amount about cheese, and only a little bit about operating a business, my desire to contribute to the community which I call home, overwhelmed these concerns.

Five successful years later having given all of my energy to Boston Cheese Cellar, I have decided to bring this exhausting yet meaningful adventure to an end, and so, Boston Cheese Cellar will be closing its doors on 29th February.



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Major Bummer!

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That stretch is notorious for having a landlord who is interested in high rent over community continuity, which is why those stores slowly revolve every few years. I'd bet Adam's shop is the last retail type place we have there and a service/food place moves in.

While I may not always agree with his views, a huge appreciation for Stevil and his fellow railroad club guys who I believe keep the rents very reasonable for their building.

This is a bummer. I tried hard to support this store.

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Not wrong in the macro but in this instance the landlord is not the primary issue. And absolutely right about the benevolence of the Model Train Museum guys as community-focused landlords. Roslindale Square would be a much less interesting place without them. They deserve a ton of credit and thanks.

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Warren, in her first campaign, exhorted her supporters to talk her up with the people “standing behind you at the cheese shop.” When asked by a slobbering acolyte on MSNBC if she owned stock, Warren replied, “No, only mutual funds.” -

Closing at the end of the month? The cheese shop or Elizabeth Warren's disastrous presidential campaign?

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I guess she doesn't try as hard as you do

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It's cheese dude. Not quite the divisive political issue you want it to be.

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What will you do if you ever get a brain, since Elizabeth Warren is living rent-free in your head?

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