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The tide rolled in and then just kept coming

King Tide at Long Wharf

Adam Castiglioni took a walk down to Long Wharf today - just not all the way to the end, since it was covered by water in a king tiday.

Meanwhile, down in Dorchester, Morrissey Boulevard was completely flooded:

Gloninger was not the only one down there. City Councilor Michelle Wu waded across Morrissey Bay as part of a pledge for her mayoral campaign to do something to protect Boston from the effects of climate change and rising seas:

One of her potential opponents, incumbent Marty Walsh, didn't put his waders on, but did announce he's been named chairman of Climate Mayors, a group of 468 mayors "committed to bold environmental action and upholding the Paris Climate Agreement."




After major flooding destroyed the Green Line back in the nineties the T is installing bulkhead doors at Fenway station to prevent raging flood waters from entering the tunnels.


And that's to go along with all the work the Army Corps of Engineers did along the Muddy River to keep it from flooding into that Green Line portal.


Easy access for the Long Wharf water rats to swim over to Carlton Wharf in East Boston.


Is that the section framing the Chairman Mao tank?


Unless there's another tank I don't know about.

But to answer your question, I think (somebody correct me if I'm wrong) the first video was taken from in front of the Malibu Beach parking lot, while the Wu one was done a bit further north, closer to to the UMass entrance. So near the tank, but not exactly framing it.


Birth control, Ho Chi Minh, Richard Nixon back again, Moonshot, Woodstock, Watergate, punk rock


I believe both videos actually show the same stretch of road.

There was only one part that was actually flooded (so definitely not "entirely", though I was hoping!), and the various newspeople were congregated at the edge of the Malibu Beach park, apparently waiting for it to grow or something..

... king tidays will become the Next Big Thing in American in bathroom accessories.


I look forward to the day Morrisey BLVD is modernized. Drop a lane, protected bike lane and pedestrian infrastructure.


I mean, it's not like he could take the red line or something.


We should just start calling it Morrissey Cove or something.

you misspelled "demolished"

This is totally unreal! I hope the flood dissipates in good time!

Unreal?? Happens almost every time there is a King Tide (they're on a schedule, science & all that), not a surprise.


Were those torrential downpours in last night's game in Baltimore?

that there are too many people in the world and too much destruction of the environment - like the overbuilding that is going on everywhere. As much as people hate China's draconian one child (now a two child) policy, China, at least, understands the root cause of the problem and is doing something about it.

and several trillion dollars, nothing will change until we're forced to close Morrissey as opposed to being proactive about it.