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Back to normal: The Donna Summer Disco Party returns

The annual Donna Summer Disco Party, in honor of Boston's own, returns this month after being canceled last summer. The free party starts at 6 p.m. on June 24 in Copley Square.

No roller rink this time, but, yes, a disco ball - along with glow sticks and lots of lights. Also, hand sanitizer (attendees are encouraged to wear a mask, although one isn't required).


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I bet there will be a lot of Bad Girls there; I hope they don’t Walk Away before the Last Dance. I Remember Yesterday I heard On The Radio Donna singing Love to Love You and thought that even in death She Works Hard for the Money.

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that no one leaves the cake out in the rain

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Makes me wish I'd learned how to skate.

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It was made of these plastic squares that didn't always line up well with each other. When they didn't, you could easily fall as your skates got caught in the cracks between the squares.

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Than her?

I asked that to someone once, and they said "She could be from anywhere", as if the more heralded Bostonian and junkie with several siblings and a violent criminal past who became a movie star lived a uniquely Boston experience.

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