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Citizen complaint of the day: The Moakley Park coyote is now trying to eat birds

An alarmed South Boston citizen filed a 311 complaint this morning about the Moakley Park coyote's new and more aggressive behavior:

I know this animal has been here I see it everyday but today it's being aggressive and chasing after birds even jumping up in air to try and catch them.

No word if the birds are managing to escape by going "meep meep!" and running through tunnels the coyote has just painted on nearby walls.


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Anyone disturbed by all the cats who kill birds?


Killing insects means less protein for birds, thus less birds. Which sucks.


The behavior described is exactly what every cat that's let outdoors does. It's likely that cats do orders of magnitude more damage to the bird population than coyotes do, and that's something that humans can actually mitigate.


then let my Hobbit cat out for second breakfast.

Local wild animal trying to eat other wild animals!


What do they think coyotes eat? Do they think there's a coyote grocery store in SoBo?


The closest Acme Supermarkets are in Connecticut.


They use Amazon.

Do not economically stimulate Bezos' Big Blue Phallus, please.

Thank you.



It's hungry! I'd rather it ate birds 'wild birds" than domestic pets. What can you do without compliant at mockley park?

How about the domestic pets that eat wild birds?

I swears eyes once seen wacko, slappy, and ol' man o'herlihy down a dozen clam plates with extrah tahtah at sullys in under 20 minutes.

Keep trying, keep failing Chip.

Hey, when you're a bird, things are going to try and eat you.

Even red-tailed hawks are on the great horned owls' menu.

Cats can't fly, so despite being adorable, they just have to kill living things as part of their personal expression as a way to vent their anger.

I bet a hungry coyote will eventually go after a human. Hopefully one of those mocking the 311 caller who is concerned about it’s behavior becoming more aggressive.

Are you trying to make some kind of slippery slope argument? "First it's birds, then it's humans"? Because that's just absurd.

a hungry coyote that wasn't killing birds and now is might start killing other things out of hunger, like small pets or children. at a park. I don't think the concern was for the birds - they've been observing the coyote's behavior over time and only got concerned recently. Seems like a reasonable call to me.

...it's going to run out of birds, rodents, and other small mammals to eat?

Seems like a reasonable call to me.

It isn't.

I better be put down then.

maybe waterfowl?

we don't actually know which the 311 reporter intended.