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The DA and the traffic incident at South Bay Mall

WFXT reports on an incident Christmas Eve in the South Bay Mall parking lot involving Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins and another motorist.

“She pulled her car about three inches from my car and said, ‘Do you want me to write you a ticket? Because I’ll write you a ticket,’ put on the sirens, put on the strobe lights for like, probably a couple of seconds,” the complainant told 25 Investigates.

The station says this then led to the incident at Rollins's house, where a news crew went to see if the license plate number on the SUV given them by the other motorist matched any vehicles there.




Every Boston 25 employee wears some sort of Boston 25 LL Bean vest, jacket, ect.

From the WFXT article:

DA Rollins went on The Howie Carr show in the evening


I find this story hard to believe. Real cops are afraid to tell angry citizens that they are the police. That is why they all have throw coats concealing their uniforms. How many cops do you see wearing red sox shirts over their uniforms?

Per BPD policy, officers are not allowed to wear their uniforms while not on duty. Rather than having to change their clothes when they go to Shaw's on the way home, they simply put a large shirt on over their shirt.

It will be interesting to see if any video materializes from businesses.


This is the kind of level headed, rational reaction I’m looking for from the top prosecutor in Suffolk county. Not. This is an absolute embarrassment.


Between South Bay and the interaction with the camera crew, every day is today for the DA.


Sounds to me like Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins has a serious case of power tripping compounded by a lack of public relations skills.


Strange that she didn't remember the ticket threat when she filed the police report. I'm sure TurtleBoy would have reported it in their story if she had mentioned it. I guess the lack of attention last week disappointed her.


The issue is Rollins’ demeanor and credibility. Setting aside whatever happened at South Bay, Rollins’ behavior with the Fox employees and misleading attempt to characterize the interaction on Twitter is the story.


Took this from an article on the Live Boston 617 webpage, which is decidedly anti-Rollins,. It references her appearance on the Howie Carr show:

As the show progressed, D.A. Rollins proceeded to make a comment of not being able to write tickets, a claim that was not publicly released in the article, and that the Radio Show was completely unaware of, exposing that she in-fact was in possession of more knowledge of the incident than what she was claiming. She continued to deny the accusations, continually deflecting the questions using the issues such as the staggering increase in violent crime and murder that has flourished under her tenure as well as the riots, brining up the death of a Capitol Police Officer in an attempt to change the subject. Finally at the end of the interview, she was asked if she would be willing to obtain the video in the area to confirm her side of the story to which she strongly objected, saying she thought that it would be “inappropriate”.



The "victim" could have said that Rollins mentioned ticket writing in the exchange, and the police simply didn't include it in the summary report (you don't have to write a long dissertation for initial complaint).

Don't know what a video would show, except for her blue lights if she used them.

I’ve barely been following this, but I swear I read somewhere that Rollins claims the accuser was driving in the oncoming traffic lane. We’re that true, actions by Rollins might be justified, and her version of the story might have validity. That could be proven or disproven by the video.

On a different note, I had to chuckle in the article Adam provided where Rollins tweeted about a masked white man being in front of her house, that being the videographer. She’d be surprised at how man masked white men, masked black men, masked Asian men, and masked Hispanic men are just out there walking the streets of Boston recently. I wonder it she’d be looking to law enforcement to prevent that from happening?


In what way would her actions be justified, whether the complainant were in the wrong lane or not? South Bay is private property where the police (and especially the D.A.) have no jurisdiction to issue a citation.

If this is all true, then this is clear abuse of power.

Think about the reasons why a Black woman might have a reaction to a white man suddenly pulling up to her house and getting out.


People of all races pull up to my house and get out all the time.

Should I be alarmed?


But she did note the mask part.

All I know is that black men were worried about trouble when they were told to wear masks. Now white men are getting in trouble for wearing masks. Meanwhile, you don't wear a mask, you get in trouble. You can't win.


Think about the reasons why a white woman might have a reaction to a Black man suddenly pulling up to her house and getting out.

That sound racist to you? Does to me. So does your comment.


There's no way of knowing who was driving in whose oncoming lane, since there are no yellow center lines in South Bay Center. https://goo.gl/maps/2ptmrJeEbqvgZ4v28

Other traffic control gems include "stop" painted on the road without an actual stop sign, and yellow lines in the road which aren't for cars at all, but actually represent where shopping carts will lock their brakes.

DA Rollins acknowledges that she spoke to this person. But it seems like the accuser is adding more things as she goes. The video will show the confrontation but it won't prove anything.

BPD HATES her , why would they cover anything up for her benefit?

That Turtleboy is a REAL journalist, ain't he?

No, I just think this woman is adding allegations as she goes. And the whole thing seems like a very trivial reason to show up at her home. The ticket thing makes no sense, why would she threaten that, and why would anyone be intimidated by a ticket?

Maybe DAs should wear body cams.

I mean, her dramatic indignation to a reporter being outside her house is ridiculous. Do I think the reporter should show up to her house? Nope. But where she lives is a) public record and b) was shown on Netflix in Trial 4. People protested in front of Marty Walsh's house and Baker's house last year. I think that's sh*tty too. But, this is a a reporter asking questions. Spare us the drama about how dangerous it is for her kids.

Her dramatic responses about "being a black woman in America" and her "children could be **** killed" are absurd. She's the top law enforcement officer in Suffolk County. Give us a break.

She should've just apologized to the woman from the Christmas Eve incident. Easily explained away - she has stressful job, the holidays can be stressful with traffic and running around and children. She lost her cool. It happens to everyone. Her self-righteous indignation and manufactured victimhood are making the situation 100x worse for her. Grow up.



I agree she is making it worse (maybe she can't help it), but she couldn't just apologize.

Using her lights, siren and making false threats about ticketing in a run-of-the-mill parking lot dispute are corrupt acts. How could she admit to that and continue as the top law enforcement official?


Elected public officials literally have their address listed on each and every ballot. It is perfectly reasonable for a reporter (particularly an investigative one) to be looking around.

If we go by what Rollins is saying today, then the people ("peaceful protesters") who put used needles outside Charlie Baker's house should be jailed in life without parole.


And a little doyouknowhoiamisim.




Maybe Rollins already had it?

she is an asshole

Running red light has always been a non-prosecutable offense (the rest of transgressions are taken care by Rollins's DDP list)