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Don't have a cow, but Beacon Hill steak place is opening second Boston outlet in Fort Point, where Bastille was back in the day

Boston Restaurant Talk reports Mooo is replacing Bastille on Melcher Street.


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Because the 7 existing steakhouses within a 10 minute walk of there wasn’t quite enough

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What if the other seven steak houses don't have a dumb enough name?

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a long time ago (back when I still wrote original content for my blog) in a post that slagged a bunch of Boston restaurant names. Mooo.... led off the Hall of Infamy there. It includes some dated pop-culture references for your nostalgic enjoyment.

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I move that we rename that neighborhood Steak City.

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but I like to support the locally-owned places over chains: Mooo...., Grill 23, the Boston Chopses, Bogie's, The Stockyard. The original Mooo.... has the advantage of avoiding stereotypically clubby steakhouse decor: it's the best local date-night steakhouse, in my book.

I prefer a dry-aged strip or ribeye, which has a rich, almost fermented flavor that is not to everyone's taste, and is more costly because of the need to trim off the exterior before cooking, so is offered by few luxury steakhouses here, national or local.

That's if I'm on an expense account, but usually I'm on my own dime, so tend to go for a more frugal, chewier steak-frites cut like skirt, hanger or bavette, in which case I want prime grade. I mostly favor Grill 23 for fancy and dry-aged, Grill 23 or Chops for the budget cuts. I like the smaller portions of the cheapie steaks, too: eight or 10 ounces is usually plenty for me.

But, yeah: so much boring, expensive steak around. We're not a super-adventurous food town.

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And there's quite a few places nearby I can park my car. But I do miss the 70s and 80s when I could park my car for free on the dirt lots at the end of Congres St.

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