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Election roundup: O'Malley endorses Tamer in District 6; in Districts 4 and 7, candidates discuss rent control

Retiring District 6 (West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill) City Councilor Matt O'Malley made a trip over to the Jamaica Pond boathouse today to endorse Mary Tamer as his replacement over Kendra Hicks and Winnie Eke.

The Dorchester Reporter talks to council candidates in District 4 and 7 about rent control.

In addition to the people you've heard of, Robert Cappucci of East Boston is also running for mayor:

Bob is Pro-Life, Pro-Police, Pro-Veterans, Pro-Exam Schools.

Also, he loves America.

John Barros, meanwhile, is proposing a city college system that would be free to students.

The United Auto Workers Region 9A, which includes New England, endorsed Michelle Wu.

She has a proven track record of fighting for working people and so many of the issues our members care most about, from affordable housing in our city, to workers' rights and safety, to the environment and climate justice.

State Rep. Liz Miranda (Roxbury) endorsed David Halbert for one of the four at-large seats on the city council.

From his time serving in Governor Deval Patrick’s administration to his current work advancing education equity, I know David will be a strong ally to our communities on the Boston City Council.


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That piece of shit O'Malley endorsed Tamer to make the Westie whiteys happy and to screw Hicks because she had the balls to announce before he said he wasn't running again.

Can't wait til the ice Cream Councillor cashes in like Tito, Josh and Mike Ross did.


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Then make a comment about “Westin Whites.”

Might want to take a long hard look in a mirror.

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The fact O’Malley didn’t endorse the candidate that planned on running against him makes him a piece of shit how?

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Do they call black men "son" the way you do, deadbeat?

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It really blows my mind how many people on this site can't grasp the concept that calling out the racism of certain white people is not actually "the real racism."

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It's not even hard to avoid being blatantly racist with a phrase like "Westie whiteys." It'd be just as easy to say "O'Malley endorsed Tamer to make the racists/bigots in his district happy."

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Is the assumption that Tamer is racist?

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Don't you live in Revere?

And imagine setting yourself up for failure by running against the most popular district city councilor

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I'm voting for the one who rides the train every day. I'm voting for the one who has the most anger-driven motivation to make the city shine.

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Much as I like trains, I’d prefer the candidate who rides the bus and the subway into the city. The train rider apparently has an extra $124/month (a 238% increase) to ride first-class from Zone 1. Let’s have fair fares, candidates!

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… “train” also means subway, trolley etc.

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Winnie Eke is impressive although I hate to split her vote with Tamer. Anyone but Hicks and her SJW platform.


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Tamer and Hicks will be in the final in November either way.

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I still can't tell if Kendra Hicks is going to win 60/40 in the final in November or if it will be a lot closer.

And by the way, she doesn't need O'Malley's endorsement. Look at all the endorsements that she has already: https://www.hicksfordistrictsix.com/endorsements

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