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It's plein to see people like one artist's local landscapes

Painting and new owner

A couple weeks ago, we introduced you to Jacob Garcia, who likes to paint local landscapes, then leave his work where people can find it.

Today, he painted another scene along the water in South Boston.

He posted about his newest work at 10:58 a.m.

At 11:21 a.m., Nick Backes replied with a photo of a woman holding the painting:

I’m at work, but I made my partner race down to the beach to grab it! Amazing, thank you @JakeScapes!

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I want one of these for my home. Since I didnt get the gay gene for decorating, my walls are bare. I've been putting together wall picture plans lately.. Over the years I've purchased "local artist" paintings and just stored them (I have several from Ptown artists) with the hope one day I would have a place to hang them. Now i have a useless front foyer that will work well as a "art gallery".

I'd love one of his paintings to add to my 'local artists' wall in my front foyer. Each piece I hang means something to me or has a story behind it. Garcia's would fit perfectly in with the rest of the wall. The story that he painted & left it at the beach for others to take and enjoy would make a great story to tell about the painting. (for all those non existent guests I have coming over to marvel at my art work lol)

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i remember meeting a homeless guy painting on the common 5-6 years ago. he had a bunch of paintings of various boston locations that i thought were very cool. his prices were higher than what i was carrying on me that day so i never purchased one. does anyone know the guy im speaking of? is he still around? id love to buy some boston artwork from him.

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This is awesome!!
To share that gift with a lucky stranger.

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call me a curmudgeon, but it kind of ruins the magic if instead of finding it in all its mystery, someone on twitter dispatches their partner to capture it.

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Although he works in Southie I wish he'd do the wall at Franklin Pond. Vertical rocks.

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