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Jamaica Plain hat shop flooded during the storm

Salmagundi on Centre Street reports Tuesday was not a good day for them:

We went into the shop today eager to finish up the renovation of our millinery workshop only to open the door to a flooded floor and rain coming through our ceiling. The roof of our building was damaged from the storm. We can't seem to catch a break folks. Our shop and part of our stockroom is flooded. Our workshop was safe from damage however, so if you have a work order in house, not to worry we'll call you soon.

The North End Salmagundi, however, emerged unscathed and is open.

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They're really good folks, I've gotten a couple of nice hats from them, hopefully there's insurance to help cover damages. But my work-from-home-addled brain told me to look up Lidsville, the Saturday morning kids show from the Kroftt bros, now I'm seeing hats everywhere.

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Was the flooding from the leaky roof? Prior to Salmagundi a couple in their 20's ran a pet supply store there but closed it after their inventory was ruined from water from the leaky roof more than once. Does anyone know who owns that block? How mean to collect a hefty rent from small business like this for years but do little or nothing to maintain the building.

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One of the best shops in Boston. Hope that their insurance provides enough compensation (given the thievery Mass allows insurance companies to get away with).

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Apparently they got the worst of it but other businesses in that building also had water damage. Hopefully they all will be covered.

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Dedicated milliners like zipper repairmen are a dying breed. Mass manufacturing was and is the future of clothing accessories and that makes me sad. Don't give up!

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Which is why the clothing at Macy's SUCKS!!

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