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Pair arrested as fentanyl dealers; Hyde Park and Jackson Square locations searched

A lot of money

In case you've ever wondered what $30,000 in cash looked like. Photo by BPD.

Boston Police report arresting men from Hyde Park and Jamaica Plain on drug-trafficking charges and seizing more than half a pound of fentanyl yesterday.

Luis Aybar-Ruiz, 32, of Hyde Park, and Oscar Baez, 28, of Jamaica Plain. Police initially searched them, their cars and 86 Crown Point Dr. in the Georgetowne Homes development, but based on what they found, drug-control officers from Dorchester, Mattapan and Roxbury districts got a search warrant for space at 225 Centre St., the relatively new mixed-use building at the intersection of Centre and Columbus Avenue in Jackson Square.

Both men were charged with trafficking of a controlled substance, police say.

Innocent, etc.


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This cash and those bullets make me curious about the BPD photographer.


When they fan out the $1 bills I know they mean business.


Ask the legal system for the same deal the Sacklers got


Welp, that explains the tv copters dogging Jackson Square right now

When the cops take in $30,000 does it go into evidence? The general fund? Does it go into the police's slush fund? Someone's pocket?


50% goes to the DA's office
50% goes to the BPD

I hope we can get it changed so that civil forfeiture goes directly to a charitable fund or something.


civil forfeiture requiring a warrant, and assets deemed not to be stolen or direct proceeds of crime returned to the person, with interest and penalties for any losses incurred (such as needing a substitute vehicle, trouble with job for laptop being seized, etc.). Then let's move on to not permitting civil forfeiture in massive disproportionate amounts like taking vehicles and electronics for suspicion of simple possession.

I do of course realize that the case in the original post looks like there's probable cause for large-scale distribution. But civil forfeiture laws in general need massive reform: