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Passenger drowns in overturned car in flooded gully on the side of 128

State Police report a car flipped over on Rte. 128 northbound at University Avenue around 4:20 a.m., landing upside down in a flooded gully.

Responding troopers entered the water and removed both driver and passenger from the car, which was completely submerged in the water from all the recent rain. After emergency aid from troopers, both driver and passenger were taken to a local hospital, where the passenger was pronounced dead.

State Police say the cause of the crash is under investigation.

This is the second bad crash along that stretch of 128 in recent days. On Thursday, a driver lost control of his car on the ramp from 95 to 128 north and lost his arm in the resulting crash.

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That exit is hard to navigate at 70mph, especially in the dark.

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I've driven all over the country and the highway on ramps and exits here are insanely brief, particularly given the differential of fast/slow in the right lanes here.

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That exit is hard to navigate at 70mph

If only cars came equipped with some sort of device to slow them down.

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If the braking lane is short, the required deceleration would be higher than most drivers would expect.

...but I don't know the exit in question, I'm just going off other people's comments.

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No matter how bad your brakes are or how short the exit ramp is, if you can only get down to 70mph by the time it starts curving, that seems to be a you problem.

And the highway speed limit there is 55mph anyway.

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I thought I remember this exit having hugh flashing signs where the warning to slow down was almost obnoxious. I take this exit a few times a month probably, and I know there are still plenty of signs and they are big, but weren’t there flashing ones at one time?

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I think you’re talking about the exit from 95 to 95 as if you’re coming from Providence. That’s the one with the very helpful and very necessary flashing sign.

The accident is said to have happened at the University Ave exit, which is one exit further up from the one you’re thinking of. The University Ave exit doesn’t have any flashing lights.

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I was skimming and thought I read that it was the same exit as the other uhub story.

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