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Red Line riders take note: Judge says alleged putschist can ride that part of the T again


A federal judge in Washington DC has ruled that Mark Sahady, facing charges there for his alleged participation in the failed Jan. 6 coup, is free to move about Massachusetts again - and that includes riding the Red Line as it passes under the grounds of the State House or even just going for a pleasant stroll among the geese he thinks flock on the Common.

When Mark Sahady of Malden was arrested following the break up of the Y'all Queda smash-and-grab, he was initially arraigned in federal court in Boston, where a judge ordered him to stay away from the State House and from any political rallies - like, oh, the ones he had helped organize in the past on the Common and Beacon Street.

His case was transferred to DC federal court, where a judge issued his own, less restrictive pre-trial conditions: Sahady only had to notify a federal probation office if he wanted to leave the state. Due to Covid-19, Sahady was allowed to stay here and participate in court hearings by Zoom.

Sahady then petitioned that judge to order the initial Massachusetts restrictions void:

For example, how does one "stay away" from the Massachusetts State House? Boston's subway, the "T," traverses the substrata beneath the State House. Would Defendant violate the order by taking that line of the T? The State House is adjacent to the Boston Commons - home to aggressive geese and frequented by city residents and visitors alike. Did the Massachusetts court intend to bar Defendant from this popular and storied public space?

On Monday, DC District Court Judge Carl Nichols agreed with the request, ruling that the initial Massachusetts conditions no longer apply and that Sahady can roam the Commonwealth at will.


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Is it really fair to the geese that they no have nowhere to go to escape this guy?

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For the most part, geese avoid the Common, as opposed to the Public Garden. Sahady, familiar with the Common, should know that, so let's give him the benefit of the doubt on this important issue and assume his DC-based lawyer goofed.

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Why, is it too Common for them? Are they elitist Canadian immigrants?

I don’t doubt this, as it comes from the most reliable of sources, but I must say that it’s kind of mysterious. Geese like grass. There’s a lot of grass on the Common.

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There's a whole lagoon over in the Public Garden. Yes, there's the Frog Pond, but I imagine any geese that show up there would be encouraged to leave.

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Red line, red MEGA hats. I see a conspiracy. And don't forget geese eats their babies.

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Is the implication here is that if a-hole geese can roam Boston Common freely, then pro-nazi a-holes like Sahady should be free to roam the same space?

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Both of them are part of groups that like to take dumps in public spaces. The geese just generally do it outside, and don't have to pull their pants down first.

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“Your Honor, if tourists can witness an actual goose stepping through Boston Common, then why can’t they witness my client goose stepping through the Common?”

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Is no longer fun now I have to share seats with a nitwit to the right of me and a weirdo to the left of me and I am stuck in the middle.

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Oh, wait, it's been done.

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the Boston Commons

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But, I have plenty of pictures of geese on the Common.

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Always had to laugh at that title.

It's like this guy is saying,
"Don't worry folks, you can be straight like me & have SUPER HAPPY FUN!!"
"There's nothing down or gloomy about us, we have SUPER HAPPY FUN!"
"O.K., we support trump
and most people in Mass hate us but we have (guess what?) SUPER HAPPY FUN!"

Repeat the Lie enough times....

Reality: Brownshirt Sahady will be treated like garbage in Boston.
Massachusetts is not a newsmax-compliant state like he needs it to be.

His best bet is to scurry down to sunny Florida & nest with other GOP vermin.

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